Messages 2009

An American Politician’s View of Herself - 2.

July 17th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jeannette Rankin.

You received my thoughts yesterday perfectly well.

Yes, I was inconsistent at times, and that rose to face me. The point I was making is that for the most part, I fought for certain causes, and this was heartfelt and sincere. It was this aspect of my life that greeted me with happiness over here. Often in earthplane reality, there are obstacles to our ideals. I cannot say I was perfect, for that would not be true. I can say, however, that where I was true to my ideals, I was rewarded.

Let me address this issue. It is true that my brother Wellington financed my two campaigns. I was at a severe disadvantage, and was pioneering politics for women. I did not suffer over here just because my brother supported my two campaigns.

As you read about my career, and the political careers of others, you are struck by the realization that there are unusual pressures and obstacles in the political world. Since you yourself have never experienced politics firsthand, you realize that you cannot judge.

Yes, these pressures are real, and those with ideals like myself have been stymied and thwarted. You have just read that I appealed to racism to lure the Southern vote. This is true. I did do that. So now, you are wondering, with these various compromises, how could I have had any clear conscience at all?

The answer is that where I was completely true to my purpose without transgressing the moral law, I was happy, and where I crossed the line, I suffered. It is doubly difficult for you to understand, since you have never experienced the reality of politics firsthand, and you have never experienced this spirit world.

Yes, I did struggle with these lapses. I did. I know I would have gone through much worse without my ideals, which often burned within me. I have seen other spirits of politicians who were devoid of this quality that I possessed, and who suffered accordingly.

It’s the heart that makes the person, and that determines our fate over here. This presents human reality in an entirely different light. The pressures upon me were enormous, for being a woman, I was greatly influenced by my brother’s pressure, which at times collided with my ideals.

There are some who would judge unfavorably several of my actions, and I can understand that. Placed in an untenable position, and pulled by contradictory impulses, I made certain choices, some of which rose to face me. How does a person with certain ideals assert these ideals, when the cards seem stacked against them? In your channelings of the founding fathers, you realized that in the slavery issue, they felt their hands were tied.