Messages 2009

An Industrialist’s Materialism.

September 14th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Andrew Carnegie.

You have just read my comments on my Gospel of Wealth. You fear you mischanneled me. I had said that I was in darkness, with horrible companions. You didn’t mischannel me.

I was indeed a materialist. The fact that I gave away my fortune does not change this materialistic bent. You wonder, isn’t the philanthropy I demonstrated, against the materialistic way of thinking? Well, that is a fair question.

I did have a deep concern for the welfare of others. That is true. But as I examined my way of thinking, it did come down to materialism, the idea that matter is the aspect of reality that really counts. It surprised me, as I thought I would have been richly rewarded for my philanthropy.

Well, in a way, I was. I had many spirits come to me to thank me for my generosity and to tell me how much I helped them. So now, you are thinking, but this behavior was clearly of the spirit! The mills of Divine justice grind very fine. As you have recently channeled, some of us spirits are a mingling of light and darkness. I know that you find this discussion confusing. You will undo this confusion by understanding that human nature is often complex.

You are wondering, if I did so much good, and spirits acknowledged this, why did I channel that I was in a bad way, with dark spirits around me? It was because I did terrible things in acquiring my wealth. If I had realized this and tried to make restitution to the very people I hurt and ruined, my fate would have been entirely different.

But as it was, I felt I had done absolutely nothing wrong - I was simply following the “natural” bent toward acquiring wealth. That wasn’t how God saw it at all. And if I didn’t engage in philanthropy, my condition would have been even worse.


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