Messages 2009

Ronald Reagan - Getting to Know a President.

June 29th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Ronald Reagan. It warms my heart that you are now reading the memoirs of my wife Nancy. You feel you were blinded to who I was because you disagreed so passionately with my policies. Now you are discovering I wasn’t so bad! I am happy that you are discovering my strong points.

In my heart, I wanted nothing but the best for my country and the world. But that didn’t prevent the pain that came to me when I realized my mistake. Had I not been so well-intentioned, my suffering would have been much, much worse. I had believed deeply in God, and was able to understand His laws to a certain extent, and this has helped me greatly over here. My experience over here is exactly as I had imagined it - we are rewarded or suffer based on what we said and did on earth.

I am happy that reading my wife’s memoirs has lessened your bad feeling about me. You are seeing me more as a person. And as a closing surprise, let me say that it was I myself who guided you to the book, which you are enjoying so much.

May your days be blessed, and may our country prosper.