Messages 2009

Lincoln’s Progress.

January 31st, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Abraham Lincoln.

You have just finished this wonderful biography of my life by Ronald C. White Jr. You enjoyed learning more about my life, but you were once again perplexed by the paradox that I had a humble heart of love, and yet was responsible for so much bloodshed. And I celebrated Union victories. So how could I have progressed spiritually the way I did on this side of life?

Well, the truth is that at least at the very beginning, certain things did rise to face me. They did. But I was not abandoned, and very early in my spirit life, a beautiful Angel explained to me about the Divine Love. Since on earth I didn’t align with any religious creed, and was hungry for spiritual truth, it was very easy to connect to what I was told.

I followed this path, which made complete sense to me, more so than anything I had ever heard, until I got into the Celestial Heavens.

In our beloved country now, there is progress toward climax, and soon you will see the salvation of the Lord.