Messages 2009

More from Robert Kennedy.

December 5th & 7th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Robert Kennedy.

When I channeled my first messages to you, I was aware that you, like many others, had idealized me. So I wanted to respect your comfort level. As you learn more about my life, you are coming to realize that idealism of me is not appropriate, since I also behaved in other ways that brought darkness to me.

But what I channeled was all true: I did have a sense of a higher destiny, a desire to do great things. But what felt like great things at the time was sometimes perceived differently by God. I spoke the truth when I said that my early difficulty resulted in independence, though it took a long time. It was a struggle for me to find myself. I found that the struggle itself was the means to finding who I was.