Messages 2009

Moses’ Introduction to the Hebrew Approach to God - 2.

July 21st, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Moses.

When Joseph came to Egypt, he took with him an intense faith in God, which he had learned from his parents, Jacob and Rachel. And, as you know, his family eventually joined him. They also had true perceptions about God, though Joseph surpassed them in depth.

It was a gradual process whereby his descendants came to be seen as a threat, culminating in their enslavement. I know the Bible says that a new king arose who was not favorably disposed toward Joseph and his people. But his negative approach had evolved before him, as the Hebrews multiplied and prospered. There was resentment amongst the Egyptians, and this took active form with the new pharaoh.

I mentioned the profound and vibrant faith of Joseph because he had a mighty influence on his people in Egypt, especially considering the fact that he was the second most powerful man in the land. So it was in this way that the Hebrews acquired a strong faith in God. This sustained some of them, who were able to discern, beyond the horrors of slavery, the one true God. They had looked to their Joseph as a hero and a spiritual leader, and his influence was powerful even after his death.