Messages 2009

Napoleon’s Experiences.

March 25th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Napoleon.

I have been reading along with you the account of my life and character by the Durants [the Age of Napoleon], and I must say that they penetrate very often to the core of what I was, and what my personality made me do. The authors [when they became spirits] came to me most eagerly, and, knowing how much they cared about and were interested in my life, I gave their book my blessings with well deserved compliments.

I knew I had made a mark on history, but in my last period in St. Helena, I debated in my mind what kind of a mark that was, good or bad. Defeat altered some of my perceptions about myself and about life. And death found me unresolved about many things, particularly about the existence of a God.

But I was not in doubt for long about many of these topics, for after death, I continued to live! How could that be? And not only that, but I was subject to a moral law that lashed me with whips of guilt and remorse. Oh, I have suffered!

But I progressed beyond these sufferings because I was a person of intense energy, and I had many assets that worked in my favor. The spirit world was initially a great shock to me, but as I settled in, I discerned the way to progress and took it. I was able to marshall my thoughts and work on myself.