Messages 2009

The Start of the American Civil War.

January 30th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Abraham Lincoln.

Let me comment on the crisis that led to the Civil War, the confrontation at Fort Sumter.

It was the first real test of my presidency. In my heart, I did not want the war. I made that clear repeatedly. But as the leader of the nation, I felt I could not stand by idly, even though most of my Cabinet advised nonintervention. I knew very well that war was very possible, but I also knew that I had to assume command. The crisis enabled me to find the leadership qualities as president that I had doubted in the past.

History is interpreted based on the point of view of the interpreter. I know it can very easily be said that I provoked the war by sending provisions to Fort Sumter. But that was not a hostile act. The intention was not meant as aggression. But the South interpreted it that way, and thus the war came.

You did channel me correctly when I said I did everything I could to prevent the war, and that I did not start the war. I didn’t.

Yes, you are correct in thinking that Jesus’ teachings are true, that we should love our enemies. I acted, as I saw it, in pure self-defense, with no desire to provoke or harm the South. God saw my inner motive, and this helped me when I came to be a spirit.