Messages 2010

Negativity in Early Humanity.

October 17th, 2010

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aman.

Yes, it is I, the first male parent, and I want to clarify this point. You have just reread, in New Testament Revelations #6, The Creation of Man, the Master saying, “The descent of man from his position as the elect of God, to partake of His Nature and Essence, was rapid. And in the course of only a few hundred years, man was not too different in behavior from the beasts of the field; and, in some respects, he was worse.”

This is all true. But it is not inconsistent with your earlier channelings of my family’s experiences. Amon and I had no experience with raising children, and we were preoccupied with the shock and grief of our fall, which remained like an unpleasant noise, and also a heartbreak, for the rest of our lives. So we could not attend properly to our children. Our parenting feelings and skills thus remained dormant.

What concerned you is the phrase “a few hundred years.” Your impression was that this dysfunction was immediate, what with our preoccupied state, as well as Cain’s murder of his brother Abel. So how could it have taken so long for us to degenerate?

Well, the truth is that this degeneration was gradual but cumulative over several generations. But if our behavior was dysfunctional, it actually got worse, indeed much worse. Negative behavior attracts and encourages further negative behavior. So as bad as it was, future generations increased this negativity.

Let me comment on the present moment. You see this same negativity today, only it is done now by stealth through money. Well yes, the human soul continues in ignorance of the truth of love. But there are a great many awakened souls on Earth who understand this truth, and they will be given the chance to bring good change.