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The One True God of the Jews.

October 31st, 2002

Santa Cruz

Received by F.A.B.


I am here Joseph,

The path the Jews have traveled in many ways has helped to circulate the idea of the one true God. As you will acknowledge, being human, they have often erred, but we always try to see the good, and there have been so many Jews who have been dedicated to higher purposes.

When I was able to compare my people’s accomplishments with the rest of humanity, I noticed that others were equally committed to a higher purpose. So, I did not feel clannish about being a Hebrew, but I was also proud of my heritage, which brought out the best in me.

Since I acknowledged value in other traditions, I was able to compare notes and explore, so that by the time Jesus arrived on earth, I had had a rich history of inquiry and discovery. Nothing I observed in these other traditions could shake my conviction in the one true God, so when Jesus preached being at one with God in Love, I understood very clearly what he was saying. The fact that Jesus was also Jewish was not a determining factor for me. What convinced me was my own experience with God, from Whom I always only felt Love and kindness. So, the New Birth added to a foundation that was already there in my soul.

Human nature being what it is, it has been hard on earth to sustain any type of higher purpose or concept. And so, Jews have erred along with everyone else. But there has been a singlemindedness in the Jewish culture that, at its best, has preserved for the world the idea of the one true God.

Before I experienced the New Birth, I already had a great integration with humanity. But after the transformation, I lost a specific Jewish identity, and the idea of God became a living, ever present way of being. I cannot express the experience, except to say that it was like a burning presence as opposed to an idea or conviction. And everything I observed in the Celestial Spheres reinforced this feeling.

I have imperfectly described some of my impressions of spiritual progression. In future messages I will elaborate on other aspects of the spiritual life.