Messages 2014

A century has passed.

May 20th, 2014

Caloundra, Australia.

Received by Al Fike.


Bless you, it is James Padgett and I wish to thank you for carrying on the work that I began so many years ago. Yes a century, a century has passed and we in spirit have worked diligently to ensure that this work has not been lost or squandered. And we will continue to do so for these Truths that were taught by our beloved master must continue to thrive and live in this world that those who so seek may do so. That the sure knowledge will come with the understanding and the reading of these volumes by those who consciously do so.

It is important that you continue to spread these Truths in the world. The world needs, so desperately needs the Truth of God’s Love. If you desire this, you will be guided and shown the ways in which you may serve in this way. Opportunities will be put before you and doors will open and the possibilities of bringing these Truths to the wider world will unfold as God blesses these efforts and the Celestial angels toil diligently to bring these opportunities to you.

And I thank you, each and every one who are willing to open the page and read the passages and contemplate the Truths within so that the work that I accomplished through the blessings of God and the angels has not been lost but lives in the hearts of each one of you. May that flame of love be passed from you to another, from another to another, until the whole world is indeed on fire with Truth and love, joyous acknowledgement of God, and loving understanding of who they are and what their souls crave and are created for. Thank you for your efforts, thank you for praying diligently, seeking the Truth and allowing the Truth to come within you and live there for it shall abide there for all eternity and for all. God Bless you and may God keep you my beloved friends, your brother James loves you.