Messages 2014

Conditions at Group Prayer sessions.

May 16th, 2014

Caloundra, Australia.

Received by Al Fike.


Yes our brother is correct in his statement that one may receive the Divine Love in any position, at any time, in any place, anywhere but I wish to remind my brother that the Laws of Communication and Rapport must be obeyed as well. (To receive messages.) And if you wish to receive communications through this instrument, it is advisable to follow some simple rules, and considerations for it is not easy for Celestial spirits to speak through men. It requires discipline, and conditions of love and unity, a singleness of purpose, a desire for God’s Love. And in this simple way will you receive the results of your inquiry and desire.

God bless you my children, beloved souls. Each one here is such a beautiful light and has received God’s Love within their souls, and has a deep desire to walk in this light of love, to be a channel of God’s Love in this world. Beautiful souls, bless you. You are blessed and we will be with you as those who gather together with you in prayer and conversations. Seek your guidance, ask for God to put the words within your mouths as you speak to those who inquire and you will be inspired and guided. Continue in these prayers, continue to talk to bring unanimity and harmony amongst you. God bless you. God Bless you in these efforts and know that you are loved beyond measure. God Bless you.


I did not start the recorder in time to record who this was. However it was one of the regular guides that Al has. The “brother” referred to above is myself, as the issue of exactly how we are to arrange ourselves and sit in these prayer sessions is a frequent matter of disagreement between Al and I. In essence it seems we were both right, but still failing to communicate, as I was focussed on receiving the Love, and he it seems on the issue of spirit communication. No special seating or physical arrangement is required to receive Divine Love, but if the group is to receive messages, then it is essential that there be harmony, unanimity and singleness of purpose. And good spiritual condition. Nothing was however said about the many physical conditions that are favoured by “The Canadians”. I certainly support the notion that one must be comfortable so as to be able to concentrate without distraction.