Messages 2014

Details of Helen Padgett’s life.

July 18th, 2014


Medium Al Fike


God bless you dear blessed souls of our Heavenly Father’s Love and Care. I too greet you from my side of life and convey my good wishes to you all.

My dear Ned has conveyed to you much of the story that is relevant to your enquiries as to our lives together and how he came to be such a valued instrument to convey truth. So I will not belabor the story much further other than to tell you about my own perceptions of our lives.

I grew up very comfortably. My father, a minister, was a merchant who profited well even during the civil war. We had servants, not slaves, who were treated with respect and had their place in our family. My childhood was one that was far from the deprivation most suffered as a result of a country torn by war and strife. Indeed I was very sheltered and somewhat coddled in my formative years. I was well educated and brought up to be a lady. My disposition was sweet and very innocent. I saw the world through rosy colored glasses and was content to do so.

I had my coming out in my eighteenth year and felt like I was ready for marriage and imagined a grand life full of promise and elegance. I had my suitors but when I met James through mutual friends my heart was all a flutter. He was a handsome, tall man who carried himself well, if not a little too sure of himself. His eye fell upon me as well and a courtship began. Several months later, we were married. Ned was still articling and not altogether well off so we lived with my parents for a while until we got on our feet. My parents approved of Ned because of his confidence and prospects and they were happy about my choice in the beginning.

In time we settled down and raised our family. Ned was a bit of a dreamer and had grand plans of his own. His ability though to discern the right course to accomplish his goals was lacking. He also was quite stubborn and did not take to advice very well. My father tried to advise him on several occasions but Ned did not listen and insisted on his own course of actions. He was also very busy and in demand as he built his own law practice. He was a very good lawyer but unfortunately a poor business man.

I tried to support him as best I could and be his loving wife by his side but my patience along with my health began to wane as the years flowed by and our prospects became less certain. We did argue from time to time with many of my expectations not met in our marriage. My dream of a romantic life of leisure was never realized and I must admit to some bitterness. In time the distance did become so great between us that I felt it best to move away and live my own life with our daughter. We were at the time living in a hotel of not good standing and my patience was running thin and I left burdened with sadness and resentment.

We both grieved our losses but I had to move on for the sake of our daughter and for my own well being. These were difficult times which became more difficult as my health deteriorated. In those days, medications were limited and other than being offered laudanum for my breathing discomforts, the doctors could do very little to treat me effectively. I was forced to go to a sanatorium for rest and rejuvenation. My condition became worse and eventually I died.

My actual passing was not painful or traumatic. I went peacefully and awoke in the most wonderful place. I thought I was dreaming. I was in a hospital filled with light and lovely attendants. They treated me so well and what I thought was a dream seemed to not end. Eventually the true nature of my situation was revealed to me. My first reaction was a deep pang for my daughter and other family members whom I loved and who must be missing me. These anxieties soon abated and I began to adjust to my new life. I met with many dear relatives and friends who had gone before me and I was drawn to be with my dear Ned who was grieving so. His heart sickness kept me close for a long while as he tried in vain to let go of his losses.

I prayed for his relief and healing and in doing so, some lovely souls suggested that I could communicate to him via a medium on earth. They taught me how to impress my thoughts upon him so as to compel him to go and see the individual that they had in mind. Through my love and concern for him, I was able to get through enough into his mind in order to encourage him to seek out Mrs. Maltby, a delightful woman who dedicated her life to give comfort to grieving relatives. Our efforts were successful and most of you are well aware of the story of our continued love affair from beyond the grave.

We are exaltedly happy in our present place well above the seventh sphere. Our life together as soul mates bring us joy unimaginable and all our troubles from long past are now a distant memory. We are also engaged in our work, concentrating on God’s great plan for the salvation of mankind. We derive great joy from this work and believe me when I say that vast numbers of angels are working in this way to bring truth to mankind. The earth is such a crucial place for the soul progression of each individual. Choices are made there which impact a soul’s journey for a very long while.

For those of you who have made the choice for truth, it is your responsibility to keep this flame burning within and sharing your understandings with others always with love. We are eager to support you and often do bringing you our love and prayers and try to inspire you towards greater truths. Your choice to live in the light brings many rewards both seen and unseen. As Ned has told you, you are our brothers and sisters and part of our vast family of Divine Love followers, angels in the making. Together we will continue to work towards this goal of changing the world for the better and spreading God’s Holy Truth and Love to every dark nook and cranny. Please know that our hearts and souls are dedicated to this work and we require you to be with us in dedication and commitment. Without your partnership with God’s angels, our efforts are weakened and less effective.

You are needed more than ever because of the spiraling conditions which permeate your world today. We implore you to double your efforts to pray for God’s Love and to live this truth in every way possible. You are God’s angels on earth and are needed so deeply in order to fulfill God’s plan. Please pray for your guidance in order to be in position to fulfill your purpose within this plan. You are greatly needed.

Please be with us in our efforts and we will truly be with you so that the struggles that we have talked about in our lives will not be present in yours. As you follow the laws of Love, your lives will reflect that in every way. May God bless all who venture upon His path of Love and may you all be well enfolded in His loving arms. I am your friend in Love and in life - Helen.