Messages 2014

Do not ignore the Natural Love.

May 19th, 2014

Received by James Reid.

Caloundra, Queensland.


I am Agnes. And yes, most of you would say my name as Ag nes, but I like it softer. I lived on the earth at a time when the Divine Love we all revere was not available and not present for us. But in my life I knew love. In spirit I knew love, and in time I was embraced by the Master as he embraced you all now, and I now know the Divine Love.

We here in the Celestial realms know the totality of love, and as you seek the Divine Love and seek to fill your souls with it, I remind you of the wonders of the natural Love which has sustained life ever since life has been, sustains life now and will sustain life as long as life ever is. In your human experience you are offered a breadth and a depth of experience that is indescribable, and very few ever plumb those depths. It is often only after we make our transition that we become aware of what was available. Its not that we have regrets that we did not experience tall, but I do suggest that you look widely and deeply to see what life offers you. You are not on earth for no reason.

Living may be difficult as it is, and yet there are gifts, there are beauties, there are wonders at every turn of the way. Yes it is vital, it is important that you seek Divine Love. It is an incredible, unbelievable, indescribable gift, and you bring this gift into you, upon the foundation of your experience of the natural love with which you were born, with which you were gifted in full and which you can express in full.

We greatly enjoy the opportunity to approach close to you, to offer you the benefit of our loving embrace, and to help you find the ways with Divine Love and to help you bring that in, to change what you know, to modify your soul, to take you to the completeness that you seek. Whenever you join like this in your free will and create an atmosphere into which we can enter easily, you give us great pleasure and you open yourselves to even further experience. So seek this experience often, with others, but on your own at any time, as you sit, as you rest, as you walk in the forrest, as you walk on the beach. It is always available to you. And we are always available to approach you. So please open your hearts to allow us to come close. We are dependent upon your free will to allow our approach and to accept the gifts that we offer you. Our Father loves us all with a great depth, and we who live in these realms love every one of you in a way that is quite beyond your understanding, so allow us close as you make your way towards this realm in which you will all live one day. I bless you.