Messages 2014

Don’t take things personally

October 21st, 2014


Received by WV.


Good evening, my dear friends. It is an honor to be here with you. My name is Massoud. It’s the first time that I speak to you. The reason I’m here is that you are all very dear to me because I see how much you try to accomplish in this world.

I know this world isn’t the most spiritual place in the universe. What you should mainly learn today - and what you especially need to remember - is that nothing in this life is what it seems. As humans, we often personify what we are experiencing. When somebody gives us the evil eye or starts to insult us without reason we usually take it personally - even if it is a stranger. You can then only imagine how personal we will take it when someone who is dear to us acts in such a way.

People can be harsh, but that doesn’t mean they are right. Very often we are stuck with a lot of things from our (distant or near) past and - unconsciously - we abreact1 towards those who are closest to us. But that doesn’t mean you need to take it personally. It’s not because someone calls you selfish that you are!

What you all should try to do is to act out of love. You are not being selfish just because somebody doesn’t know or understand your motives. So don’t take it personally next time somebody blames you or gives you the evil eye for no reason. Be loving and understanding, because you have up to a 95 percent chance that it is not due to you and that it will not be as personal as you think.

Yes, it is difficult, we know. Especially in a world where they teach you to stand your ground; a world in which we learn to react as quickly as we can. That, of course, is only ego; our mind coming to the fore.

What I am telling you here today also applies to you of course. You too are guilty of these types of incidents. You too abreact your frustrations, your anger, upon innocent people around you; people who totally don’t deserve it; people who are not the cause of your true anger or frustration.

Reflect upon that more often! And if you catch yourself in the act of this kind of excess, please take the time to unwind; to relax yourself. Be understanding and loving towards yourself and apologize to those you have “attacked”.

Love is the only energy that can help you change this world! And if you learn to be loving and understanding towards yourself, you will learn to be more understanding and loving to others. Because, whether you believe it or not, whether you can see it or not: “You treat others as you treat yourself!” Meditate on that. Each of us is (often) a mirror for the other. It is only when we open our eyes to the reality of who we really are that we will also see others for who they really are. If you are not open, loving and understanding towards others, you will not be towards yourself!

And here I conclude my speech for this evening. (Laughs.) Thank you for your presence. Let what has been said tonight penetrate the core of your soul so that it may become part of your everyday life; your everyday actions.

Good evening. Enjoy this beautiful and relaxing music. It will do you well.


1 This is a psychoanalytical term for reliving an experience in order to purge it of its emotional excesses; a type of catharsis