Messages 2014

Love is the most important thing.

May 21st, 2014

Caloundra, Australia.

Received by Al Fike.


Bless you my children this is Confucius. Bless you on your journeys, on your efforts to come close to the Heavenly Father who loves you so.

Love is the most important, the most important thing. Greater than all knowledge and all other efforts in your lives, my children. The foundation of love within your souls - that great abiding, powerful, beautiful love which shall transform you my children, the greatest of all blessings, the highest of all blessings. Make this your focus in your efforts my children to receive the Love, to build the permanent and transformative foundation within, and all else shall follow and come to you in good time.

There is no need to scurry hither and there, to look for Truth for Truth lies within your souls my children, and is accessible as you make your efforts and prayers to the Heavenly Father. And you will know these Truths that reside within you, that come with the blessing of the Love. And these Truths are beyond words, these Truths are great and deep and encompassing and are perceived by the soul and the soul perceptions. Plumb the depths of your souls my children to know the Truth of Truth, the Knowing of Knowing, the blessing from God as He pours within you his essence and that light will blossom into your awareness and bring you the answers to the questions you have. It is wordless.

Blessings to you my dear beloved children. Confucius loves you. I visit with you often and shall be with you ever more for I love you so, my little flock, my little birds. Bless you as you learn to fly in the light of God’s Love, upon the breath of God’s Care. Bless you beloveds.