Messages 2014


February 11th, 2014


Received by WV.


I am here, your friend Joseph.

I have come to share some information on memories.

When someone dies, the spirit memory becomes very vivid and alive. Since they do not have the gross physical body anymore, everything becomes very clear to them and they will see things as they really happened.

One of the reasons why memories on the physical level are not perceived in a clear way is because the memories have to be obtained from the spirit mind. The physical mind works like a filter, blocking out the parts you don’t want to see whatever the reason.

So you see, what you are actually doing is channeling yourself or your own spirit mind. It is the same principle as you are now channeling my spirit mind. And as you have noticed, sometimes your channeling is very clear but sometimes it can be a bit blurry because you have too many things on your mind, blocking the communication between our spirit mind and your interpreting machine: “your physical mind”.

So, there is nothing complex about it. It is all simple logic and it can be understood by the simplest mind. Thank you my dear friend for letting me deliver you this small message but I saw it would do you, and a lot of other people good to get some clarification about the subject.

Your friend, Joseph.