Messages 2014

Receiving the Love.

May 17th, 2014

Caloundra, Australia.

Received by Al Fike.


You hunger for the Father’s Love and every soul in this world is worthy to receive God’s Love - this blessing within, my children. Every soul that beseeches the Father to receive this gift will receive it if they but pray earnestly and send their longings to the Creator to receive this gift that will bring healing and peace, transformation within, and joy, deep and abiding joy, my children.

The world suffers greatly because they do not, so many in this world do not recognise this Truth, and the presence of God, the existence of God who has created all, and we are joyed to see these children who come together in prayer in earnestness, a desire, a curiosity, a prayerful beseeching of God to receive this love, to come to know God in ever deeper ways and understandings and awarenesses.

Pray earnestly my children for God’s Love is here. Drink these waters, these living waters and your thirst will be quenched. You will know from deep within that God has touched you, and given you what you so earnestly desire and need within. And God is always there to comfort you, to heal you, to love you, to bring you peace and strength, and deep awareness and understanding of life’s great mysteries.

For these awarenesses come with the inflow of His Love and the Truths come with this Love, and the awareness of who you truly are come with this love. For within you comes a great opening and blossoming and expansion and profound awarenesses of Truth and knowing.

The simple prayer brings so much, an earnest longing brings the world of God within. To receive the Divine Love is to receive the spark of life that shall set you on a path to atonement with God. And you all long for this, my children, every soul in this world longs to know God, but so very few recognise this longing nor do they act upon this longing. Yet you have come together to share this together, in loving harmony and in this way the Light of God’s presence is with you my children, and will guide you to what it is you seek. It will replenish your souls and bring you a deep and satisfying peace and joy.

I am Confucius and I love you, beautify souls, pearls beyond price my children, each and every one, pearls beyond price. God Bless you. You are loved, you are loved.