Messages 2014

Recovering from Traumatic Memories.

February 18th, 2014

Gavere (Belgium).

Received by WV.


I am here, Joseph.

I have come because of the questions you guys have concerning the memories of distressful events or traumas.

I’m sorry to tell you that people have indeed got to go through these traumas again once they have reached a certain degree of spiritual development. The only big difference is they don’t have to relive it with every negative emotion attached to it. Some people do actually relive their trauma in a dreamlike state, as WV did, but remember that it is only for the purpose of healing the memory or trauma.

Healing can only be done by Love. So it is obvious that asking for protection and love from God, during the reliving of such a trauma, will cause His Love to flow into your soul. His Love will embrace you and fill your body with the warmth and healing you need. This way the reliving becomes detached from all negative emotions and the trauma will no longer exist in its original form but only as a memory without any negative feelings attached to it. This is one way to let go of traumas that occurred during your life; to use God’s Love to do it.

Another way, is to confront the person who caused the trauma in your life. The prerequisite for this to work, is that the perpetrator must have had the insight he (she) needs to understand that what he did was not loving and is willing to undergo the emotions his victim has towards him, if necessary. Of course, as you can readily see, this way of healing will not take place much because of the almost impossible fact the perpetrator needs to have had some spiritual awakening so his love for his victim is strong enough to heal the damage he has done. But, it can happen.

The third possibility is that the traumatized person finds somebody who loves him (her) so unconditionally that he will receive the love that is needed to heal the trauma. As we have said in the beginning, only love is able to heal. Whether it is the Love of God or the love of man, is of no importance, as long as it is pure enough to look beyond the veil of flesh.

But no matter how the healing takes place, it can only take place when the victim feels safe enough and is ready to let go. Never can a healing (of a trauma) be forced if the victim doesn’t feel safe enough to relive or look back at the trauma that haunts his (her) consciousness or unconsciousness.

Memories should be void of emotion, which doesn’t mean they cannot contain love. It is because we connect certain emotions to our memories that it will cling on to our spirit mind and cause unpleasant reactions. That is why the energy we call “love” is needed to disconnect the emotions from a specific memory or trauma. I know you find this last part of my information a bit incomprehensible or strange, but it is true. Don’t worry; you will get your head around it.

Love is a universal energy that resonates within every creation. It is not an emotion , which can be as volatile as acetone, it is an energy that permeates everything in the universe, that is present in everything and will exist forever. It is an energy, not created by man’s mind (like an emotion) but intrinsic to the existence of the soul, whether it is natural or Divine Love. The soul is always the source of love. Love cannot be created by the mind, only emotions can. And the soul cannot create emotions , only the mind can. So you see how simple it actually is, as it is always. Truth is never hard to understand, you only have to be open to receive it and use your mind only to translate what we tell you, that is all.

I love you my dear friend and I know you can feel it. God bless your openness to receive. May His Light shine through you and light up this universe. I am your celestial friend, Joseph, father of Jesus.


This message addresses many things that have been puzzling me lately. Firstly was obviously the issue of - do you have to revisit these memories to be healed of their effect.

The second and unasked question is the matter of WHEN this should happen. It’s very clear there is a right time to do this, and that it needs some spiritual maturity. It’s also obvious that this is not the first step along the spiritual growth path, as some suggest and teach.