Messages 2014

Struggling with the challenges of this world.

May 18th, 2014

Caloundra, Australia.

Received by Al Fike.


It is Andrew. And bless you upon your journey and your struggles to receive the Love, to walk in the light, to come to know God and all His fullness and beauty and love and light.

Many of you struggle with the conditions of this world. Many of you feel alone, and see yourselves as alone struggling with those elements and winds of negativity and challenges of the world, and you struggle. And I have come to tell you my children, that you are not alone. That God is with you in your struggles. God is with you in your pain. God is with you in your joy. And it is not easy to live in this world that for the most part has turned their backs upon God. It is not easy for the messages that you receive from all around you is that you are alone, that you must be self-reliant, that you must be strong in the face of adversity, that you must deny your own vulnerability and pain, and be upright against the winds filled with sand and stones.

And I tell you are not alone. If you allow yourselves to be as a child coming to God, if you put aside your cloak, that hardened shell and be with God in loving communion in this simple way, to receive His Love, to receive His Care, to receive His guidance, you will find that these darkened conditions will not beset you as they have. You will find solutions to these dilemmas. That you will be able to side-step many adversities and challenges. That God will lead you through this forrest to the light, to the peace and the joy.

Your purpose my children is to find God, to be with God, to lie down in these green pastures of Light and Love. To allow His Love to flow into your souls, to find respite and strength, wisdom and understanding through this relationship with your Creator, through the inflowing of His Love that brings so much to you, that you will be able to cope and to live a life filled with joyous wonderment and loving grace, you will walk a path of Light. You will be guided, and shown the way, shown the way. It is meant for you.

And this does not mean you will not have struggles or difficulties in your life. That those around you will not cause you pain or concern, but you will have the faith, the trust and the ability to weather these storms without them bringing you down into darkness, for you to always to be in this light, to know that God cares for all, and will care for all those around you my children, as you reach, as you reach as a child for His Loving care, His Light, His Healing, His Wisdom and they will reside within your souls and bring you along the path that you seek that all souls seek.

Continue in your prayers my children. Pray earnestly and often to receive this Love. Ask for the guidance, the protection, that the angels may be with you, and these prayers will be answered and you will find your way. And as you find your way, it will show others the way. They will also benefit from your efforts. You will bring this light wherever you will go, and you will find your way my children, and in this you will bring change and love to this world that it so desperately needs these blessings of light and love, peace and harmony.

And we on our side of life desire for each one of you to forge this path, for in this forging, in this effort, we are able to work with you all, to bring the desired outcome - God’s Will for the salvation of mankind, to bring for generations to come, a better world, a more loving world, a more harmonious world. And the suffering and the darkness shall recede as you forge ahead. You will be guided. God will lead the way. All that is required of you my children, is to seek this Love earnestly, seek it with all your heart and all your soul and all your desire. Seek this Love, and it will come in great abundance and show you the way, and show you the great potential that lies within you my children. Each has a great purpose - wondrous potential - a path lit by God, unique to you, and sanctioned by the Creator. God bless you my children. My sojourners upon the path. God’s children, walking in light, embraced and enfolded and guided. God Bless you. Andrew loves you.