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The Law of Creation and Sathya Sai Baba.

February 4th, 2014


Received by W.V.

I am here, your friend and helper, Sri Yukteswar. I have come because I wanted to reply to the question who (Sathya) Sai Baba was.

Well let me start off with saying he wasn’t an avatar. When he died he entered what is known as the fourth sphere. He was not more special than any other man on earth. He was born from a woman and he died as any other man will have to, once.

The reason why he was able to do some things others can’t, is he understood the Laws of Creation. These laws govern the way things are created and also how they are destroyed. When you come to learn how your free will can interact with these laws, you will understand the way they work.

Sai Baba wasn’t any different except that he knew how to interact with the Laws of Creation. It is because of this he could create or manifest things other people can’t. I have known many people who understood the Laws of Creation and could do the things Sai Baba could. So you see he wasn’t further advanced than any other human could be.

The problem with most humans is they don’t believe it is possible to create things out of nothing or thin air. But if you look closely at how Mother Nature works, you will find she does it all the time. The only things she needs are the right conditions to do so, and off she goes to create what is needed to be.

So the fast learner, or at least the attentive one, will understand the last sentence is the key to the whole mystery: *“creating the right conditions.”*

How? Well, everything created is done so with “intention.” So you see, these three things are very important when it comes to materializing or dematerializing things: *“free will, intention and the right conditions.”* The third parameter is actually influenced or created by with the help of the first two.

I know this all sounds a bit confusing at first but when you meditate upon this for a little while, it will become very clear to you. But, to confuse you even more, I have to say these parameters are all influenced by your mind and mental beliefs. These parameters all have their origin in the soul. So if you do not let the soul supersede the mind, you will never be able to materialize or dematerialize.

I am going to stop here for now and hope you find interest in what I have given you. Keep an open mind so we can pour our knowledge into your consciousness, my dear friend.

Goodbye, your friend and helper, Sri Yukteswar.