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The sins of the parents and grandparents..

December 10th, 2014


Received by WV.


(Hello John. I can feel your presence. Can you please elaborate on the message of sins as asked on the DLS forum?)


Of course, my dear friend, it is always my pleasure to enlighten my brothers and sisters in the flesh.

I will start off with saying that only seldom a child will be born free from flaws but that all souls incarnate in their pristine flaw free condition.

The process of the human birth is not understood completely by many so they conclude what they are capable of understanding with their minds. To help with this, I want to explain to you something very vital. As we all know, there is the need for a sperm and an egg to start the creation of the human body and, at a particular moment in the whole process, the soul will take possession of that body. Well, what most people do not understand is the soul does not take its place in the physical body. It will nest itself into the spirit body, which is a very important difference.

If you examine this statement closely, you will come to understand the soul cannot control the physical body in a direct way, only in an indirect way; through the spirit body, because it is the spirit (body) that controls the physical (body). But I will come back to this principle later.

Well then, when the soul has not yet nested itself in the spirit body, it is in its pristine state with nothing surrounding it to block out the energy it needs to live its life to its full potential. It is only as soon as it nests itself in its spirit body that the process of inheriting the flaws of its ancestors begins. The moment the soul incarnates, it becomes veiled by the spirit body, which in turn becomes susceptible to its surrounding energies and makes a connection (the silver chord) with its physical body.

Since the new life form stays closest to its mother’s energy, the mother will be the first to pass on her energy patterns; created by herself (her own mind) or adopted from her parents. However, if you contemplate this, you will understand her parents were also influenced by their own minds and parents and their parents also; and so on. Consequently you can see the flawed energy/mind patterns are copied, depending on their dominance and persistence, from generation to generation. Some minor adopted flaws will vanish quickly as the child gains its own life experiences. Some other (more severe flaws) will survive very long and will be passed on to their own offspring. It will all depend on the use of their own free will which ones will survive, vanish or be added. And that is how the process of the inheritance of the flaws of the parents works.

However, it is not only the surviving energy patterns from our grandparents (within our own parents) that influence us (indirectly), it is also the patterns from our (still living) grandparents (or great-grandparents) that influence us (directly). For when we are born, most of our grandparents are still alive and very present in our everyday lives. Therefore coming into direct contact with their patterns or flaws will only enforce the ones we already adopted (or are adopting) from our own parents. (And this is of course also the case if our great-grandparents are still alive.) Naturally, the frequency of coming into contact with them plays an important role in the influence they will have. This too is the reason why the energies of siblings, friends, teachers, leaders, etc. can influence our own energies, minds, patterns or flaws. It just depends on the frequency of the contact and the ability of staying true to oneself: whether the connection with one’s soul is still in good condition or whether the veil of the spirit is blocking it. It is also the reason why it is so important to choose your company wisely.

Why we prefer to talk about flaws, instead of sins, is because there are far more energy patterns (that cannot be classified as sins) that block the flow of love. To give you one important example: thinking one is not worthy (of love). This can and will block the soul to receive a (big) portion of love. But what you also have to understand is; that, because of such thinking, the influence of the soul becomes less outspoken and more difficult, which in turn will make it more difficult to live according to the laws of love. So, flaws like that, which have nothing to do with sin, can have a big impact on the condition of the soul and even create an environment where sins thrive because the influence of the soul diminishes.

So, as you can derive from what I have said, the integration of the flaws of previous generations is not a static or instant process where the soul receives a bunch of “sins” the moment it incarnates, it is a dynamic process where self-created energies play an active role in blocking the flow of love to and from the soul. The soul has no part in this whole process because its sole purpose is to love; to give love and to receive love; and it cannot do anything out of tune with the laws of love.

That is why God created the physical realm and the intermediary realm, better known as the spirit realm. And it is this whole system - Father created - that makes it possible for us to enjoy total freedom in the use of our free will: to some a blessing, to some a curse. This system allows us to identify ourselves with our human bodies and with our minds without being under direct control of our souls: the experience of unlimited freedom, not being dependent on the existence of a greater Source - thus, the experience of being God.

(So, do I understand you correctly? Are you saying free will does not reside in the soul?)

Indeed, my friend. Free will - the ability to choose to live according to the laws of love or not - does not reside in the soul, as the soul does not have the capabilities to do anything not in tune with the laws of love. Free will resides in the mind; as well in the physical as in the spirit. It is a concept based on the principle of choice, which does reside in the soul. However, it adds the dimension of being able to make choices outside the scope of love and that is why it cannot be part of the soul. So by choosing the Divine Love path, you use your free will to state that love is the only choice you ever want (and need) the rest of your (eternal) life - that you do not want to live outside the scope of love - and that you are therefore willing to put everything else, even your mind, in second place.

We can conclude our wonderful talk here for I see we covered everything I wanted to talk to you about. Stay safe and centered in the love and don’t let your mind take control of your life; let your soul guide you. For, when it comes to matters of the soul, the mind is not the right source to explain them (because of its subjectiveness). And when it comes to the matters of the mind, there is no better (objective) source than the soul to explain them.

Your friend forever. John.