Messages 2014

Wade into this river of Love and let go.

May 19th, 2014

Caloundra, Australia.

Received by Al Fike.


God bless you my children I am Mary and I love you. Each soul here is worthy of the Father’s Love, as is each soul created by God and incarnated into this world and into spirit. Every soul is worthy of the Love. And every soul is beautiful in the eyes of God. Do not judge those who struggle and are mired in their human condition. Love all you meet, embrace those who hunger and are in need of love. Release that which would hold you back from loving your brothers and sisters for you are all one family upon this earth. You are all living together, struggling together, loving together.

And when you come to God as you are to receive the benediction of His Love, then you become part of that mighty channel of love, that river that flows out to your brothers and sisters and gives them comfort and washes them so that their pain may fall away and that they may have within themselves the glimmer of hope and joy and peace. Immerse yourselves in this river my children, bathe in the parts that are deep and flowing out to the World, in currents of warm and luscious waters.

For God embraces you with these living waters and carries you and cleanses you and redeems you so that you may be free of these struggles and the pains of your dilemmas, of your doubts and your fears, of all that which holds you from God. You will be washed and cleansed and made whole and beautiful and strong. You will know the joy, the joy of great and mighty waters filling that deep recess within, making you a part of God and one with God - that great and deep peace within yourselves.

All of this awaits you my children, if you are willing to wade within this river and let go, and let its currents carry you, envelop you, and show you the way to light and everlasting love and life. I love you dear sweet souls, you are part of my family, and we walk together with my beloved son into the light, into glorious light. God Bless you and keep you within his care. God bless you and may He heal you of all your troubles and concerns and may he bring you to that great fountainhead of love, the living waters flowing over you, bathing you with wondrous peace and love and joy. God Bless you, I love you.