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Why do people behave unlovingly without reason

December 3rd, 2014


Received by WV.


Hello my friend. So nice to see you blossom again. I’m glad you noticed we were with you. There was indeed a reason for you to feel the energy of anger during your meditation. We needed you to feel it so we could explain a couple of things to you concerning: “knowing thyself” and “loving thyself”.

When we reminded you about the experience of someone stabbing you in the back you felt anger, sadness and powerlessness coming over you. Especially when you thought about the fact you had never done anything wrong towards that person. On the contrary, you even protected him when other people were talking about him behind his back. You were sad everybody was so quick to jump to conclusions (and judge you) while nobody even thought of asking you for your input to clarify a thing or two.

The reason why people behave like this has been a big question to you (and also to a lot of other people who’ve experienced the same thing) and has occurred many times during your life. It is like a theme that pops up once in a while.

The first thing you have to understand is: energy accumulates during life when it is not classifiable. If we have an unloving experience, all other unclassified encounters, belonging to the same (unloving) theme, will add up (energy) to your current experience. That explains, for example, why people sometimes seem to react irrationally or why they overreact to a specific experience.

Secondly, I want you to think about this: everybody has had experiences where somebody treated them very badly but they were able to forgive that person because they knew the reason why they were overreacting; for example: because they just lost their mother, because they just found out their spouse wanted a divorce, etc. So being able to identify the reason why people act unloving towards us helps us to classify and forgive or forget about it. That is the reason why we are having this conversation: to help you classify the unclassifiable experiences.

Most of our unloving experiences are unclassifiable because most people (we have such experiences with) are not able to give us the reason, because they truly do not know themselves. This is why it is so important to “know thyself”.

So if an acquaintance tells somebody you are not trustworthy (and you have done nothing to them to make them say such a thing) you have to understand the subconscious process behind it. Deep down inside, the soul knows what the (internal) problem is. It will try to establish a connection with the mind so it can clarify the reason of the problem why one feels out of tune. This is an automatic process (of the soul) because the soul is only made to give and receive the energy we call love and it wants to regain its pristine state of natural love as it was before incarnating . Of course the mind (or ego) doesn’t want to hear about this so it will project (what the soul wants to explain) onto someone else.

Hence, if you carefully analyze what we just explained, you will understand it is what lies underneath the principle of projection. People see themselves in others. It doesn’t define the other, it defines them.

Let’s take your experience for example. The person who said you were not trustworthy hasn’t got a problem trusting you. Deep down inside he has a problem trusting himself. The reason why is up to him to find out. And if people would just ask for Divine Guidance and Divine Love to help them and let go of their minds and preconceived ideas about what the answer should be, they would get a clear and accurate answer so they are able to classify it and live a life without having to deal with the burden of such flaws over and over again. And once more the importance of “knowing thyself” is shown. If people would apply this knowledge to themselves and acknowledge it is an internal (not an external) problem - how hard it might be sometimes - they would progress much faster.

(Well, this all makes a lot of sense but it doesn’t take away the fact they influenced other people to think the same thing about me. That harm is still done. And what about the fact I sometimes want to talk to people about the incident although I know I shouldn’t because I feel it’s not that important. Is there a reason for that too?)

The fact you have the urge to talk about it does indeed tell you more about yourself. It tells you, you still don’t love yourself as you should; that you still need/want other’s confirmation about who you are. But if you look closely, you will see how ridiculous that is. How others look at you doesn’t define who you are; how you look at yourself defines who you really are. But it is because your father deceived you into accepting this flaw (because it was to his benefit) that it has now been ingrained in your mind.

So you see, the things you just mentioned and asked are all related to the same flaw you accepted as being true. And as long as you do, that flaw will block (a portion of) the natural love to flow through your soul. Flaws block the flow of natural love and that is the reason so many have a dark soul. For as the flower needs sunshine to blossom, so does the soul need love to shine.

Unlike Divine Love, natural love flows around, through and to everybody without having to ask for it. Like there is a Holy Spirit, (for Divine Love) there is also a natural (love) spirit because our souls need love to function at normal capacity. So the state humanity is in now, is much less than its true capacity. That is why we have said so many times and through so many mediums before: the state of the perfect natural man is your birthright; it is your normal level of being. The only thing man has to do to regain this state, is unblock the flow of natural love by letting go of the flaws it is hanging on to; not by adding something which isn’t already yours.

There is one last thing I want to explain before I stop. Since this normalisation process (to give the process a name) is automatic, the soul will always be looking for ways to restore its natural flow of love. And because the soul is sometimes so deprived of love, it feels almost impossible to restore its natural flow, let alone to reestablish a connection with its Source (God). Therefore it seeks help from a much closer source: the human soul (it comes into contact with); but one that contains a lot more love than itself.

So next time somebody treats you in an unloving way, don’t be offended. Consider it a compliment since their soul recognizes you as a source of love and is reaching out to you for your help and love; it is only their mind that is blocking them from seeing the truth. So stay kind and loving (as Father) and don’t let them influence you to deprive your own soul from the love it needs. That is the only way you can ever really help them.

Thank you for helping us out with explaining this. We like what you have written. [Laughs]

Your friend, John.