Messages 2014

You will need one another in the times ahead.

May 19th, 2014

Caloundra, Australia.

Received by Al Fike.


Beloved children, carriers of the Father’s Love within. Blessings to you, I am Isaiah and I come to speak with words of love and acknowledgement of your efforts and precious souls as you walk this time together in prayer and conversation, as you come to know one another and forge the bonds of love.

My dear sweet souls, this is so important. Your efforts to grow together in love, to make these connections with one another in love, where you will need one another in the times ahead for the world is undergoing great change, and there is a great upheaval and disruption that will cause difficulties for each soul upon this planet, yet with these bonds of love as you make your connections with one another around this planet, as you love one another, and carry the prayer together for healing, for this place, your world and your inner worlds, for the reception of the Father’s Love.

You will usher in great light, you will come to know the Father’s Will as times progress. God’s Will will come stronger within your awareness as your souls expand with the love, so will your understanding and your guidance and certainty of what you must do to fulfil God’s Will and through the difficulties and the upheavals you must keep within your awareness that this is a healing process to bring this planet into harmony and balance - to bring all that is upon this planet to this balance - that all life may thrive, that all the dear precious children upon this earth may come to know a joyous life, a life filled with a touch of God within them and above them.

And yes we continue to bring you all together from different places upon the planet, so that this may be accomplished, this network of light. And there will come a time when you will be aware of the multitude of connections, the bonds of love with all your brothers and sisters whom you meet, and whom you have met and will meet.

We thank you for these efforts you have made my children. You are doing great service to the Heavenly Father, you are doing great service to yourselves in these efforts to cleanse yourselves, to walk in greater light, to pray to be a channel of the God’s Love in the service of the Father’s Will. God will use you in many ways if you are willing and open to the guidance and the angels will be with you as you walk your daily life, in this world, and there will be many surprises my children, unexpected and joyful as God enfolds you ever more in his light and love and care.

Continue to pray for the Father’s Love, continue earnestly, the time grows short my children. The time grows short, there is much to do. Great opportunities await you, each one who is willing and desirous to be an instrument of peace and change in this world. Many gifts lie within each soul, gifts eager to manifest and be used by God to help your fellow man, as you walk this path with humility and love, so God will use you, and God will bless you. Continue to ask for the Love, continue to commit yourself to this work, continue to grow in the Love, to share with one another, to have a commonality of understanding. And in this you will work together as a family, harmoniously and beautifully. God Bless you, I am Isaiah and I love you.