Messages 2015 and 2016

Aman speaks about the heaven on earth he experienced.

May 30th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, BC


I am here, Aman, the first parent and the father of you all. Many of you are aware of my existence and that of my soul mate and you have heard my messages regarding our being inhabitants of the Earth long ago. We did indeed live a blessed life when God created us and imbued within us a soul pure and without sin. We were supremely happy in our existence and were perfect in every way. Our bodies were perfectly proportioned, lean and fit. We were taller than people are today and were without flaws or disease. Our minds were keen and clear and our souls were untainted with sin. In all of this we lived a life free from worries or cares. God’s Hand was firmly upon us and we were given a special dispensation which gave us many abilities which the beasts and animals of the world did not have. We did not have to forage for food or exert ourselves in any way in order to survive in the world. We did not feel pain and discomfort like those of you in the flesh today. We were in part ethereal in our spiritual and physical existence and therefore had no need to eat to sustain ourselves although we could eat the fruits and nuts which hung from the trees in great abundance. We ate out of the sensual pleasure which this gave to us. Our entire existence was filled with the joys and pleasures that life could offer and we took full advantage of these gifts. We existed in this exalted state for several years and in that time conceived and parented several children. Our lives were full and complete as was our state of joy and happiness as we truly lived in paradise.

God and His special angels were our companions through this time of experiencing our gifted lives. The angels guided us on how to make shelters for ourselves, although we did not feel uncomfortable in our bodies and had no need for shelter other than our desire to build and make things to further our pleasure in life. They guided and assisted us in many ways and protected us to a degree as we wandered the world in our desire to discover its contents and beauty. We were carefree and supremely happy until we were approached by the Creator with a question. We were asked if we would care to receive a further gift of His Love, the essence of His soul into our hearts so that we may progress further in our natures and happiness. The great mystery is why we chose not to receive this gift. It was freely given and offered in love yet we were so enamoured with our own beings that such a gift seemed unnecessary and we felt the first inkling of our human nature. We felt suspicion. This was our first sin and it grew into a dark stain upon our souls. In this turning of our innocence to something that tainted our perfection, we turned away from this choice and felt a tangible fall from grace. What was a perfect life began to degenerate into something which approaches your own existence today. We felt pain for the first time, anger and resentment. The dispensation which God freely gave to us was lost as we chose to follow our own wills ever more deeply into a confused and darkened state. Our bodies reflected this choice as we became more flesh and blood than spirit and grace. We fell from grace quickly and we felt the heaviness of our fleshy existence. We became human and flawed and it was a very long while after our passing into spirit that we regained our previous exalted state within the sixth sphere or natural heavens. It was not until after the coming of Jesus and the reopening of the doors to the Father’s Love that we were able to choose, this time more wisely, the way of the Divine Love.

Yes, I have always carried deep regrets about how we chose to turn away from God, but in my own soul wisdom I see that this choice was almost a forgone conclusion as God gifted all with free will…..a most powerful Gift. So all of humanity must come to recognize the power of this Gift and how it can lead to decisions which may have profound effects upon yourselves and others. The world is rife with sin and error because the children of God do not desire to be in alignment with Him and His laws of creation. I cannot condemn those who are immersed in darkness because I sowed the seeds to your fate many years ago. Millennia upon millennia of disharmonious choices and unloving acts have made this perfect Earth into a howling mass of unloved and injured souls. You who are attempting to turn this tide are brave and blessed warriors who are moving in Light given by God to assist you in your efforts to bring change. You have my blessing as your first father and my support as many of God’s angels surround you and love you. It is a noble work and one sorely needed, for all the children must awaken from their slumbers and cast off their cloaks of pain and self deceit. I love all and will pray for your success and I desire that the greatest desire you may possess within you is to be close to God and His Love. It will bring to you untold blessings and in time reverse the course of this world from darkness into Light. May God bless you mightily, my brethren. I am the first parent, Aman, your father who keeps you close in my heart.