Messages 2015 and 2016

Be a beacon and a source of Light.

Date: 20th August 2015

Spirit: Francis of Assisi

Medium: Al Fike

Gibsons, Canada.


God bless you, I am Francis, known as St. Francis of Assisi and I come to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, to encourage you to build within your life Circles of Light, to build all about you Light, to be that beacon and source of Light as the Father’s channels of Love and Truth and Peace and Healing. I walked away from a life filled with all the material wealth and comfort to do this very thing, to commune with God, to start out again in innocence in my love for my Heavenly Father I walked away. And in this act rejecting the human situation that was my life, I made a commitment to my Heavenly Father that I would do His Will, that I would be in His Grace, that I would love. And in this my gifts flourished and I found contentment, I found joy, I found simplicity in my life, and all of those things that held me from this fell away and I knew deeply my God who loved me.

There comes a time with every soul for them to release that cloak made from fear and error and desire of the material. There comes a day for every soul who truly wants to be with God to put this aside, to put aside those human things that draw one down into darkness rather than to ascend to Light. I went from wealth to poverty, I went from a place of ease and power to a place of aloneness and innocence, and yet I did not lose anything, I gained the world. I gained the world, my beloveds, in my journey to God. Many of you still walk within the world of humanity. You go about your daily lives in this world that distracts you from God. And we cannot blame you or condemn you for this, for you know no different. And although your souls have a deep desire to know God, your mind rules your actions, you are reticent to let go, to be free, to walk away from all your attachments. For you have put great energy and investment in what you have, and your lives as they are. And indeed to detach from these things requires great strength and the shock of letting go as I did, walking away as I did, is too great for many. It is a gradual process of filling yourselves with the Father’s Essence through your prayers and desire to receive and then gradually releasing all that is not in harmony with His Love.

You must not doubt yourselves, my beloveds. You must not second-guess yourselves but go with what your heart tells you. Walk that road that your soul desires you to do, be in that place of grace, of peace, of knowing that God is with you at all times and in this will come many opportunities to share your love, to share God’s Love in the world. It is your openness, your desire, your faith, the strength of the Love within your souls which encourage you to walk this road of Love. And yes, the human condition does indeed cause complications and difficulties and lost opportunities. But I tell you, as you pray for the Love, as you truly know God, all of these things will truly fall away and you will know this freedom, you will know a fulfillment. This hungering part of you will be sated and will transform to a place of being with God always and receiving His Love at every moment. And your lives will transform in harmonious ways. There will not be great cataclysms of failures and walls falling upon themselves because you have not held them up. It is not for you to hold up these walls. It is for you to let go and let them fall. They must fall for you hide behind your walls, you hide behind those conditions that you carry, that your forefathers carried, that the human race carries each one behind their walls separate from the other. God wants all of His children to be together and free and loving one another, trusting in each other, knowing that God will guide us all upon our unique and beautiful paths of life. And each thing that you contribute will be a thing of Light and beauty and will be manifest within the gifts that lie within your souls, these wondrous gifts that are waiting for you to acknowledge, that are waiting for God to enliven with His Love.

Many of you see through the eyes of your minds and what you see is not altogether Truth. But when the eyes of your souls open, when the faculties of your souls are operating in a conscious way, the world will take on a different look. You will walk differently in the world. What you desire now you will not desire in those times, and what you do now you will not do in those times of Grace and harmony. You will know from a place of wisdom and Truth what it is that you are meant to do in this world and you will have a deep and abiding sense of peace and joy.

All of this awaits you, my beloveds. The angels are poised to carry you, to inspire you, to help you and assist you upon that journey of discovery. The Path is lit. It is straight. You must put one step in front of the other releasing your cloak and being naked in the Light of God’s Love knowing that in this innocence you will discover all and all will come to you. You will be safe. You will be secured in the flow of God’s Love. You will be who you are, who you are which is a beautiful soul waiting to express itself within your being and within God’s being. God bless you, my beloveds, I am Francis and I love you, and I love this world with all its beautiful creatures, all that God has created. Love this world, my beloveds. Love this world, for God’s handiwork is great and beautiful. God bless you, God bless you, I am Francis and I love you. God bless you.