Messages 2015 and 2016

Being a Channel of Love

Date: 26 November 2015

Spirit: Simon

Medium: Al Fike

Gibsons, Canada.


I am Simon and if I may I wish to give a message on what it is to be a channel of God’s Love in the world. Each of you desires to be this channel of Love and indeed each of you are a channel of Love for God. That channel is open to the extent of your soul development, the amount of Divine Love within your souls and the way in which you are willing to be that clear channel of Love in the world. It is not determined by the skills you have learned through your life, it is determined by the development of your soul and your rapport and connection with the Heavenly Father. For anyone can be a channel of Love in the world, no matter their vocation or personality they may be a channel of Love in the world, for this very act is the essence of simplicity, it is a state of grace, it is being in close rapport with your Heavenly Father.

Now to some degree that channel of Love can be directed by who you are and the gifts that you possess for this Love amplifies and exemplifies these God-given Gifts which emerge from your soul and in this way you are used by God to love and support others within your environment and using your Gifts is a great blessing, not only to you but to those around you. And assuming that your vocation and what you say makes you a channel of Love isn’t correct. This is the illusion of the ego.

What makes you a channel of Love is what resides within your souls and wherever you are, whatever you do, however you may be in this world will facilitate this channel of Love given the conditions within yourself to allow this to flow, and God will direct this Love. God will guide those to you whom He wishes to touch through you. It is not of your doing, my beloveds. It is God’s work and Will and it takes a great humility and a deep soul awareness to allow God’s Will to manifest through you in this pure way and the most humble of instruments performing the most simple tasks may enact and ignite through God’s ministrations a great Light in the world.

It does not require words. It does not require titles. It does not require man-made structures and labels and wonderful elocution and articulations. It requires Grace filled within you and all about you and when this is so then the words come, the connections are made, the Light is poured upon this world through you.

Do not worry, my beloveds, about what God has planned for you. Do not cast yourself to and fro in your mind and with others trying to formulate the plan that is not God’s Plan but your very need to feel a part of this. My children, you are a part of God’s Plan, a channel of God’s Love, but you are most effective and most clear when you are not consciously involved in this, but merely with God in His Grace, merely being that beautiful soul that you are in the world and living your lives in harmony with His laws.

Yes, it is the habit of most to look forward, to make plans, to enact the concepts of the mind, to imprint in the world the distorted ideas of the mind and this has brought mankind a great deal of suffering and has empowered some and injured many. It is time to put aside these things and trust in God and faith with the surety that God will guide you through each day as a channel of His Love. Whether you are digging in your garden or talking to many souls, you remain a channel of God’s Love. It is always with you if the Love burns bright within your souls. It is always with you and God can use this Light unencumbered by your need to direct it in many ways and many different levels touching many souls without your mind having so much as an inkling of what that would be. Ahh, there is so much for you to perceive, to know from your soul perceptions and faculties. It is so vast. It is so beautiful. It is so simple.

My beloveds, be at peace and know that you are indeed channels of Love in the world, and you need not worry and fret and feel that you are unworthy and ineffective as God’s channels of Love for you barely see, you barely see what that is and how that will be as each day passes and you are growing in this Love. Beloved souls, continue to reveal your inner desires and your inner fears and release this in Love. Go to God always, do not hide away from yourselves but come in that innocence and childlike trust that God will take from you that which is not required or necessary or in harmony with His Love and will replace this with His Love and His wisdom and will reveal to you His Will for you for this world.

You embark upon a great journey and you are young and you are growing and you feel your growing pains and you struggle with this, my beloveds. And we who love you walk with you and beseech you to continue in your journey, to truly open your eyes and to be at peace, to feel this joy, to know God in every way that you can. Yes, there is much to know, a great journey to be had, many lessons to be learned and a wondrous flow of God’s Love through you to this world that will manifest in beautiful ways more powerfully with every day that passes as you continue with your prayers and walk in this beautiful Light knowing God’s Grace with every breath.

God bless you, my beloveds. Your friend Simon loves you and I thank you for allowing me to speak this day about God’s Love, the greatest gift in all the universe, the most powerful agent of change and Light bringing harmony and peace. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.