Messages 2015 and 2016

Being in the Light Takes Conscious Effort.

September 14, 2016

Received by: Al Fike



It is your teacher Augustine. It appears you have learned a valuable lesson about your thoughts, the importance of keeping your thoughts on the highest, conducting yourselves with integrity, disciplining your emotions. All of these aspects of your character, emanations of your being are very important, regarding how you move in this world as a channel of God’s Love. Yes, there are many variables that determine how one behaves, what thoughts one has, the emotional well-being of the individual.

Yes, the conditions of this world, the thought energies of this world which cloud and clog the actions and minds of mankind are powerful indeed and when you choose to engage in these thoughts, conditions, you bring yourself down from the Light and reinforce a darker place. And we in spirit who watch you and watch over you can only wait for you to climb back out of your condition, your negative condition to a place that is more in harmony with God’s Love. Yes, we do assist you but we cannot always assist you. We cannot always make that effort that you need to make in order to be in the Light. And indeed when you pray for assistance you receive it. This is the first choice when one feels these heavy conditions and when one seems to be in the thought loop of negativity. Prayer, prayer, my beloveds, is important, crucial, for this opens the possibilities for us to assist you. But I must reiterate, it is that choice you make with each thought and when you allow inner reactivity, strong negative emotions to flow freely within you, you do indeed attract negative energies and forces to you, forces which are all too happy to reinforce these conditions. No, you are not immune, my beloveds. You are not immune to this, but you could be if you but exercise more discipline and more conscious awareness of your thoughts, the patterns of your thinking and more effort in prayer.

This is the most challenging aspect of walking upon the Divine Path, my beloveds, to be in the world but not of the world, to fight against those old patterns that have worn deeply within your consciousness and your being, patterns of thoughts and emotions that governed your state of being in a conscious way. And often this is in conflict with the state of your soul, for your soul is in Light, it continues to engage in its progression, its shedding of conditions that are not in harmony with God’s Love. It expands and grows each time you pray to God to receive this Gift of Love and yet through your free will you often place your consciousness within these mindful areas and emotions that are not productive and are counterproductive towards your soul growth.

Each of you must grow to a sort of maturity where you can control these conditions within you in order to be a channel of the highest magnitude, in order for us to use you in powerful ways, in order for God to manifest beautiful healings and touches of Love and comfort to another through you. You must struggle to this place of strength, of discipline and dare I say courage to be able to surmount the human condition, to be strong enough to walk in Light always, to become immune to those negative thoughts, judgements that are tossed your way from others, to feel God’s presence with you always, to walk in this Light where we are able to walk with you in close rapport, to set aside those old patterns, to know this joy, this deep joy always.

Is this not a desirable goal, to strive towards this, to make a conscious effort, a conscious willful effort to be in this Light? You have all that is required to be in this Light always. You have been given the gift of God’s Love and this Love shines within you. It informs your steps and it will inform your thoughts, your emotions, if you allow it.

Yes, my beloveds, it is time to step ever further forward upon this Path, to walk with maturity, wisdom and strength and to be that powerful, unique, and precious channel of Love in this world. You begin to shed some of your humanness, begin to don the mantle of the celestial being. In this there are transitions and challenges, ways of being that must be adhered to in order to continue the transitional process. God has you well in hand, my beloveds. God will guide you through, strengthen you, continue to pour His Love within you, and now it is for you to listen to the beat of your soul, to go with this powerful beat, this deep knowing, this part of you that is in harmony with God. And we who love you are with you, shall always continue to uphold you upon this journey as you continue to unfold, as your true selves, the wondrous gifts that lie within, the great wisdom that is eager to manifest in every part of you that Love which will bring you great joy, always.

God bless you, beloved souls. Your teacher Augustine is ever by your side and is very pleased with your progress and your progress upon this particular journey in this land so in need of love. Carry on, beloveds. Feel the inspiration of God’s breath carry you forward and you will have many joyful experiences and with the joy will come a deep peace in your sleep, a regeneration of your body, a peaceful knowing that you are in God’s Hands. How blessed you are to be surrounded by angels, to be guided by God, to have a soul that is being awakened by the Truth of His Love. How blessed you are, beloveds. Continue to acknowledge this. God bless you. Your teacher Augustine loves you. God bless you.