Messages 2015 and 2016

Encouragement to read the Volumes

May 11th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada


Beloved souls, I am Padgett, James Padgett. How wonderful it is to be blessed by the master, to have the presence of Jesus in your midst. What a gift and this gift can come to many if they but pray in the right way, if they but create the conditions for this to be. And I applaud you, my friends, for your souls must have a deep longing, you must have a deep commitment for this to be possible.

I have come to encourage those who have not already done so to take up the volumes of books which were written through me and which explain many facets of these great truths of the Father’s Love and the truths of the spirit world and the many conditions and aspects of your own material lives that are affected by the laws of spirit and the laws of Love. For there are many things contained within these volumes which were written by me, but not of me, but by spirit who used me who used me in ways similar that I use this instrument to communicate in this world. For some of you do indeed need some education that will help you to understand what is happening here in these circles and in the broader perspective of what is happening within your own individual lives. For every soul upon this planet is influenced by spirits and you must understand these laws so that the influence that will surround you and assist you will be of the highest nature and that your thinking and your prayers and understandings of the mind and the soul might come more clear and you will not wonder as you experience these blessings how they have come to be.

Yes, beloved souls, there is an explanation for all of this. Sometimes this is simple and sometimes rather complex, but nonetheless it is real and the more that mortals come to know these laws and understand the deeper meanings of life, the more you can make those choices for Light, to grow your souls in Love, to be cognizant of how very short life is in this world but how powerfully it informs your life in the next world, which goes on and on. Each of you desires to progress spiritually. Each of you want to do good in this world. Each of you have soul aspirations and soul longings. But indeed the very nature of this world and the life that you live today draws you away from these awarenesses and distracts you from the true purpose of life, which is to grow within yourselves, to be that wondrous person, unique in so many ways which God has created to bring this forth, to express all of this in Love and Light. To do so here on Earth brings great benefits to you and to many, and this world is certainly in need of those who can bring Light, who can bring comfort and Love, who can bring truth and who can show the way to God’s transformative Love.

Besides these benefits comes the great benefit of what you prepare for yourselves through your actions and prayers through allowing God to bless and guide and teach and help you to grow within your souls, the great blessing that will come in terms of your progress in spirit, how you will sidestep many aspects of the spirit world which are difficult to navigate and are often painful in their very natures responding to your soul condition. For it is the condition of your souls, beloveds, that determine where you start in spirit after you pass from this plane. So your time here on Earth is very important. It has many ramifications for a life lived much longer than most anticipate, not in the flesh, but in the spirit.

Every choice that you make, every action that you take, every thought that you have, every interaction with another, all of these things are determinants of where you will take up residence in spirit. This is not to say that you will be stuck within one particular condition or sphere, for there are many avenues for growth in these planes of spirit. But do you want to start at the very bottom or would you like to step into a sphere of Light and beauty and begin your journey from there?

So what you do here, my beloved souls, what you are opening up to in this little circle have great ramifications for you, many benefits, and the core truth is that you must begin with understanding the power of God’s Love, this great blessing that comes as you ask for its inflowing from God. With this one Truth many things will fall into place for you and transform your being and your life in wonderful and unanticipated ways, and you will walk a Path taken by few but a Path that is wondrous indeed.

When Love informs all that you do and all that you are and infuses every aspect of your life, you will know a deep joy, a deep joy and a fulfillment within that cannot and will not be shaken, but will grow and grow until all of life is filled with joy and Love and you love yourselves and your Creator and all your brothers and sisters with a powerful Love, a Love that will heal and comfort and bring deep peace to many.

Yes indeed, the master Jesus taught this way of Love and he put into words his teachings and these words are contained within these books of messages of which I speak and I would encourage you to read these passages and see whether they inspire you to walk upon this Path and seek this Truth and come to know God in this way.

Thank you, my friends, for listening to me tonight, for allowing me to express what it is that I feel in my heart, which is that all of mankind must come to know these simple truths and find the liberation that they offer and the joy. God bless you, beloved souls, for the effort you make in prayer, for the longings you have in your hearts. To be together in this way brings a powerful Light to this world. May you continue to pray and be in this flow of Love. God bless you and thank you. I love you. I am Padgett, James Padgett, familiar to some. God bless you.