Messages 2015 and 2016

Encrustations of the Soul.

March 11, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Selah, WA, USA


I am Luke and I have come to talk to you about the encrustations of the soul and how the inhibitions that are caused by these encrustations make it difficult for you to truly know your souls, for within your souls is a great joy and Light bursting to come forth into your consciousness. It presses against this shell, this hardening that is caused by your life’s experiences and it creates cracks where the Light does indeed shine through. And as you continue to pray for the Father’s Divine Essence to flow into your souls the pressure becomes greater, the Light brighter, the inner force pushing forth, and as this pressure grows you become more aware of those things that are around your soul holding you back from God, that true and intense desire to be with God, to be at one with God, for the love within you wants this, wants this with all intensity, and vibrancy to be with God.

And so you, my beloveds, are in a struggle, a struggle of freedom, a struggle to release those conditions within you, which hold you back from this at-oneness, and when you feel those feelings of aloneness, the pain, the lack of love, and rage, and emptiness, those many feelings that are of the human condition, which you yourselves have taken on because you have lived in this world, not because you are sinful and depraved. No, my children, it is merely because you have lived in this world and the conditions of this world create a layer upon your soul which you must struggle to release, these encrustations which hold you back from God. And this is your daily struggle, my beloveds, to release, to purify, to allow God to Touch your soul as deeply and fully as He is able to do and you are able to allow this to be. For in your prayers you must find that intensity, a great desire to be with God, to be at one, to receive His Love, and as this pressure builds it shall burst forth releasing all those conditions which hold you from Him.

You all desire freedom and you all desire deeply to serve God. And you will in increments, continue to find your freedom and serve your Heavenly Father in love, and this process shall go on, go on for many years to come. As these conditions are intense then your cleansing must be thorough and complete.

Yes, my beloveds, God, in his Mercy sends His Angels to support you, to surround you, and uplift you, and bring His protection to you from the darkness and conditions of this world and you, my beloveds, must choose the Light, must choose in your thoughts to be positive and love, must choose the conditions that are of Light, for if you do not, you merely increase the encrustations upon your soul and this is not productive, for you are headed upon a path of purity and Light, freedom and joy.

My beloveds, continue in this way, continue to love one another, to love yourselves and to realize that you are upon the road of redemption. You must have compassion for yourselves and know that you are not to blame for your condition, you are in a way a victim of these conditions, you have been buffeted by the world and each soul has been buffeted by the world. You must have compassion for all your brothers and sisters, for it is so easy to be a part of these conditions that as they layer upon layer your soul, affecting your thinking, your actions, who you are. You, my beloveds, must be examples of how to be healed of these encrustations, these conditions, this humanity.

You must show the way, you must continue the work to put this great effort towards your own redemption, through your prayers to your Heavenly Father, to open yourselves to His Gifts of Love, to acknowledge that each fragment, each piece that falls away from you is a triumph. You have made a great effort to reach God and you shall continue upon this path of cleansing. As the scales fall away from you, my beloveds, you will see in greater depth, know with greater wisdom, feel with greater love and it shall be so. You have experienced this and in a way you have experienced but a touch of what is possible. You shall continue, my beloveds, and grow, expand and become clearer and brighter, more beautiful as your souls grow in the Love, expand and force these conditions to fall away.

Beloved souls, you are truly loved and every angel within the Heavens have you within their thoughts and their prayers. Each is praying for you, my beloveds, for there is great hope when a soul walks this Path in the world. There is great hope for this world when this Light shines and this Love of God is manifest. And you are truly loved, truly loved, and you will find the joy in your own redemption. It will come. It can only come because the power of the Love within your soul must make it so. Beloveds, continue in your efforts, in your prayers, your desires to reach God and we shall continue to pray for you and hold you close to our hearts for you are our brothers and sisters in the Love. God bless you. I am Luke and I love you.