Messages 2015 and 2016

Every human soul is damaged by the Earth Condition

March 27, 2015

Received by: A. F.

New York, N.Y.


I am Andrew. Every soul has deep and abiding pain and wounds within. Every soul we meet, every individual who walks this Earth is injured by the conditions created by mankind over millennia of error and abuse and suppression. Whether that soul be in poverty and deprivation or in great wealth, there is need for healing, there is need for comfort, for love, and as such no matter where you turn there is an opportunity to be a channel of Love.

For even those with smiles on their faces carry within them deep hurt and the unfulfilled longing for love. For some, this is quite apparent; for others it is hidden very deep. So you see, the work ahead is tremendous in its scope, and one man or one woman cannot heal or save the world. It is God’s work. But each soul who is willing to be a channel of Love, to reach out to the injured soul and bring the message of hope and healing, of reassurance and comfort and love, they become God’s instruments in this world. But in order to be a clear channel of Love one must be healed within to allow the love of God to do its work, and to do so in a conscious way, to make those choices that do not further injure yourself or others. You need to be strong within your souls, to be strong within your heart, your loving heart and to be disciplined within your mind to bring harmony within yourself, to bring the Love within yourself, and to be that channel of Love for the world, an example and beacon of light.

Walk this world in harmony my dear friends. Reach for the highest, walk the high road and as you do so make this choice, so crucial in your lives, to receive God’s Love and to live in harmony with Love and His creation and laws of Love. And as you make this effort, you will be supported by the angels, and God’s Love will be upon you.

But do not delude yourself my children, each carries pain, there is no freedom without the complete and beautiful healing within that comes with God’s Love. And yes, you are all a work in progress. You all struggle to overcome those things within you which keep you from God and we understand this. We see within your hearts and souls that which you hide away even from yourselves, and we pray for this deep healing to close the wounds to bring the whole and beautiful flower of your true selves. And it comes, with each step comes and with each step something is released. With each test you will let go of your fears and your deep pain. So it is that we in spirit, your guardian angels, support you and help you when you desire to raise yourself above the conditions of this world and to be in that beautiful light, that ascendency of your beings in order to walk as God’s channel of Love.

Yes, you are imperfect, but still loved, fully and completely and you shall find your goal of complete healing and wholeness and deep and abiding joy and release from the heavy conditions of the world. But you must make this effort to receive God’s Love, to be honest with yourselves and to be open to God’s guidance which will lead you out of the darkness into the light. It is not easy to look deep within yourself to pull back the hurt where that pain exists hiding in the shadows, but it must be done and God’s Love will wedge this dark and heavy thing from its hiding place which may bring about your tears and your anguish. Just and ask your heavenly father to take this from you and God will respond. His healing Love will replace this pain with peace and with a deeper knowing and joy.

These efforts to heal within have great consequences for your life and your future life in spirit where every soul, whether they walk the natural path or the Divine are obligated to release conditions which are not in harmony with the higher spheres of life. This process must be completed, whether it is done through the long and tedious road of the natural path or the powerful and dynamic road of God’s Love, the Divine Path. You will be shown the way, my beloveds.

Every day brings a new test and a new reward and a new opportunity to grow and expand in this Love. And some days you feel the heaviness of this pain, while other days you’re in bliss. And this remains a mystery to you, my beloveds, why this is so. But the conditions within your soul flare up into your consciousness and cause you distress at times, a reminder that there is more healing to be done. So desire to be completely in God’s Love, because the process of expiation of the soul must be a part of your journey.

This is the truth, my beloveds. And you must be truthful with Him, to acknowledge those parts which hold you down, to acknowledge that in order to be that clear channel of Love those elements within which block the passage, which inhibit the Love, must be cleansed.

Every soul must take this journey as I say. What process you choose, or route you take will determine how quickly and effectively this healing is accomplished. And of course we urge you to take the Divine Path, to walk in this way as fully as you are able, to be in God’s Grace and in this way all that you require you will be given, generously, abundantly, and effectively to accomplish this task of inner healing and which will lead to this great role as God’s great channel of Love.

Bless you my beloveds, bless you. Andrew and I pray for each one that there be such a mighty inflowing of Love within your souls that all of that which remains there which is not in harmony with this Love shall be forced out by it. Beloveds, we stand on the verge of a great awakening and healing, God wishes to give you, and all of us. Will you open yourselves to this in a complete and vulnerable way? Be with God, as you never have been before.

The door is open, my beloveds. The door is open. And we will be with you in your gathering. And remember that it does not require great numbers to bring love and light to this world, it requires a yearning soul in prayer in harmony with one another, and there will be many in spirit with you and surrounding you in this venture to bring light to this place, this part of the world, and there will be many souls, yearning spirits surrounding you. And though on the surface this may appear to be a humble venture, in many ways it is a powerful and beautiful venture. Thank you for being willing to step into this arena and be servants to your Heavenly Father in this way. You will all be blessed and we will be there to pray with you. God bless you, your brother Andrew loves you dearly. God bless you.