Messages 2015 and 2016

Everything is Simple

January 2nd, 2015


Received by WV.


Hello again my friend. I want to start this message with a very important statement that: “Everything is simple.”

When we give you information we will do it in such a manner it will build up to something. We first had to set out the concept of will and free will; the fact they are different and located one in the soul, the other in the (spirit and physical) mind, so you (and others) grasped this basic concept.

Now, everything has a cohesive structure based on simple logic which even a physical brain - working on only 10% of its capacity - can easily understand. [Laughs.]

(I didn’t know you were a funny guy.)

There is so much you don’t know about me yet. [Laughs again.]

If we want to help others unleash their own powers we have to spoon feed all this information so the mind gets the time it needs to expand (or unblock) itself. It is good to talk about and investigate the true potential of the human mind because it will help this world to evolve and become the place it needs to be.

If your soul expands, your mind will follow. And especially as a human being (because of the inferior quality of the physical mind) it is important to learn to open up (your mind) so it can reap from the expansion of your soul. Wouldn’t it be a pity to have a soul bursting with knowledge but having no ability to share its information with others? And although the information we share might not always seem to be directly linked to the Divine Love, it will always be the hidden or missing link.

Everything we do is to help others grow closer to Father and that is something you should remind yourself of all the time; especially at times when you don’t know where this or that information is leading to.

It is very important that we (humans) use every resource at our disposal. Things will go much faster and easier than when we only use one way to accomplish something (because the odds to succeed will be much higher). This way all flaws can be “attacked” as well by the mind as by the soul and it is the reason why progression for soul searchers (or Divine Love obtainers) can be much easier or more rapid: because we have the advantage of understanding this duality.

To gain access to the spheres of the soul (the celestial spheres) you have to become a perfect natural man (again). To become the perfect natural man you have to obtain (natural) harmony in soul and mind again. And although the Divine and natural love within the soul will help establish this harmony it is still the call of the mind and its free will to let the soul help it (to regain that harmony) or not.

(Well… I believe Divine Love is sufficient to help us become inhabitants of the celestial spheres. On the other hand I also have the feeling it is not completely so or at least that there is something else I can’t seem to be able to put my finger on.)

Yes, of course Divine Love (by itself) is powerful enough to ascend all flaws; but the problem is people’s faith. Many (including you) say they have faith but there is a big difference between having faith and saying you have faith. Most of the time people put conditions on things; even their faith. If people should (really) have total faith and act according to what their soul tells them - whether it is rational or not - then everything we say about the mind and the natural love would be irrelevant because the mind would be subordinate to the soul. But it is because people do not possess such faith (and their souls are subordinate to their minds) that it is very important for us to give them the necessary tools to get their minds back in harmony so (real) faith has a chance to step up and lead the way.

(What do you mean with putting conditions on things?)

That people do not do the things Father really wants. They do the things they “think” Father wants and also hope to receive a reward for them. And although they will reap benefits from every loving act they do, they will never receive what they truly need because of their own expectations and limitations. If you give conditionally, you will only receive conditionally; and you will not see (nor receive) all the rest of the benefits that come your way. But when you give unconditionally, you will receive unconditionally: meaning you will put no limitations or expectations on what you give so there will be no limitations on what will come back to you; and anything (you really need) has the ability to come your way because you are not focused on receiving something back.

Many believe they have “faith” but instead they only have “beliefs.” Faith is from the soul; it is knowing Father will do everything in His power to provide and leaving the what, when and where open for Him to fill in. Belief is from the mind; it is thinking you know what you need and filling in the what, when and where yourself. And the difficulty for most people in this whole process is: their minds block out the leads of their soul. That is why it is so important to bring the mind back into harmony.

This brings us to the point where we have repeated the difference between soul and mind, will and free will, etc. more than enough and we see and feel you are ready to receive more information on “emotions.” Don’t worry. There is nothing complicated about it. You (and others) will see and embrace the simplicity of what we’re about to convey.

Emotions are only the result of the presence or the absence of (the broad energy we call) love. This plain and simple sentence contains every bit of information you’ll ever need to understand what emotions are. As I repeated so many times throughout the content of our previous messages: the soul is only capable of containing (the energy we call) love (with all of its sub categories).

So, with this in mind, if I would ask you whether the soul is able to hate, you’d say….

(No, of course not.)

Indeed, because hate is the result of…..

(The absence of love?)

Correct. And it is the…. that is capable of blocking the flow of love and act outside its scope.

(The mind with its free will?)

Well said. So hate is a product of the….


Absolutely. Now, if I would ask you whether the soul is able to contain joy, you’d say….



(It is the result of the presence of the energy of love.)


Now, I can already see you are thinking of the next question: “If negative emotions are the result of the absence of the energy of love, how come we can feel them? (Since they are the result of the absence of energy.)”

Because every act (or thought) creates an amount of energy; and it is that energy that will be translated into something physically and spiritually detectable or palpable. And when the mind makes the decision to act according to the rules of love, the energy of love will be able to flow and be present in this creation. But if the mind makes a decision to act not in accordance with the rules of love, only the energy created by the mind itself will be present and the absence of the energy of love will be felt; because the mind is capable of blocking the flow to and from the soul, thus acting outside the scope of love and creating energy lacking the energy of love: meaning unloving or negative energy.

(But it is also capable of not blocking the energy of love.)


(So the mind is actually the trigger of emotions whether they are positive (loving) or not?)

Definitely; the mind (with its free will) is the mechanism behind good and bad emotions and the soul can only contribute its energy of love when the mind acts in accordance with the laws of love; thus when it does not block the soul from its working. But the source of the energy for the positive or loving emotions is the soul (because they are accompanied by the energy of love) and the source of the energy for the negative emotions is the mind (because only the mind can create energy void of the energy of love).

So there you have your explanation. Nothing difficult about it and based on all the logic we gave you during our previous conversations. So you see it is true all our conversations will lead to something and help you (and others) understand what you do not understand yet, even when you (or others) don’t see the immediate use of one of our messages.

If you look at all this given information you will see it is based on the simple principle of duality which people do not embrace enough because they do not see its simplicity nor understand it’s true workings (in this case the presence or absence of love).

Duality is only possible because of the workings of free will. And if you look at this statement you will come to understand why we say people need to become ONE with Father and that (as we said in our previous messages) “free will” will no longer exist in the soul spheres; because there are no longer TWO choices, only ONE: …..God = Love = I…

Now you are starting to understand and see why we have told you before that everything is simple; that as long as people have not become ONE with Father, duality (= TWO choices = principle of free will) will exist.

There is still a lot to say and I can see you are very hungry for more so let me conclude with this last thing.

(It’s just that I can feel there is so much more detailed information underneath all these brief explanations that I would like to receive it all at once.)

We know. But patience is required because the human mind needs to be able to process what we give. And if we do not build up this information the right way, essential things might get lost in the process and that wouldn’t be good. That is why we are introducing the concept of duality now; so people will get a better understanding of its working and start using it to their advantage.

But I’m afraid I must stop now. Please stay open minded so we can keep on helping you (and others) to better understand these things.

With my love for you, John.