Messages 2015 and 2016

Expectations of the Mind - on letting go.

April 12th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


God bless you, it is your teacher Augustine.

I have come to encourage you to release your expectations regarding how the world must be in your eyes. Yes, there is the desire of the mind to control the outcomes of many things around you, to make the world in accordance to your concepts and ideas of how the world should be and how those around you should be.

And this is a manifestation of fear and false beliefs and illusion. For the world cannot unfold in accordance to your expectations and ideas. You are powerless in many ways to control these things. And you bring yourselves a great deal of aggravation and pain with these thoughts and expectations. Humility in many respects is an act of releasing these things within your mind. Living in grace and in the flow of God’s Love is allowing the world to manifest around you without your attachment to the outcomes and your attachment to those whom you love in a way that desires to control and to determine the outcomes of their behaviors. No, my dear students, you must listen to God only, and allow Him to show you the way rather than be distracted by your mind’s desire to have control in this world. For this is folly! It has no bearing upon God’s Will or His desire for you in your life.

Just think, my beloveds, how much freedom you will obtain by letting go in this way. This is not to say that you should not act appropriately and use your gifts and resolve problems and bring about harmonious outcomes. But you are given the gift of free will and you are given many gifts to use in your lives in many different ways. But I merely address your mind’s desire to project and to expect certain outcomes in your lives and certain ways in which your life should flow and be in the flow of God’s Love.

This is a difficult request, I understand this. For you have been taught and you have experienced through most of your life this other, mortal way of life in which you feel responsible and in control. And yet you wish to be with God more closely, to know His Will more fully. These parts of your mind, these old habits, this holding on, must be released so that God may infuse His Will into every part of your life and your being. Yes it is difficult and we ask much of you, I know. But if you are truly to serve God you must let go and allow God to guide you with each day and many things will manifest through this humble, gentle acquiescence to God’s Will.

Yes, beloved souls, there is an element of obedience that comes with the true love of God. And when you let go and release those resistant and selfish and fearful parts of you, you will know great freedom and joy and the greater wisdom of God’s Will shall come to you in greater depth and many possibilities and gifts will come into your being, in your life and you will joyfully follow your Heavenly Father. For you will recognize the power and wisdom and glory and joy of this, to walk with God more fully, to understand His Will more completely, and to be infused and fused with this great flow of Love, this great Will of God which seeks the salvation of mankind. How you must listen beloveds, without all of these aspects of yourself, these old ways. How you must listen and release your wilful selves and embrace God’s Will. Contemplate this, beloveds. Seek to know God’s Will and observe how you so often impose your will upon God’s Will. And how you often interpret God’s Will and make it something different, because it does not seem to jive with your own wilful desires.

Yes, we ask much of you beloveds, but remember that you are the vanguards, you are leading the way, you are forging the path for others. And you will be challenged in many ways to grow and to release those human conditions within you. And you will within your souls joyfully accept this.

Within your minds you are often confused, bewildered and resistant. And you condemn yourselves. Do not do so beloveds. Accept that you are on a journey, a journey of complete healing within yourselves and at-onement with God. This is what Divine Love brings, deep and great change within you. It must come. For the power of this Love is greater than anything, the power of this Love transforms everything. And to the degree which you can accept this, it will work its miracle within you and make you into something new and whole and beautiful and perfect and harmonious. To be filled with Grace, my beloveds, to walk in Love, to do God’s Will in a perfect and powerful fulfilling way. These changes must come and you must do so in joyful acceptance, in loving acknowledgment that this is what you have prayed for and this is what your soul desires. And as you allow the door to be opened, as you allow the encrustations of your souls to fall away, these new ways of being will come easily, and will unfold harmoniously and you will manifest in powerful ways the inner transformation of your soul. And this my beloveds, will mark the beginning of your ministry in the world.

So much to release, so much to change and it does cause pain if you resist. But it must come. And you are ready, each one of you are ready to accept this and to walk in this Light. It comes. It comes with each prayer, each tear, each time you are confronted with a choice. It comes as you choose Light, as you let go, as you let God be more fully in your consciousness and your life.

I bless you beloved souls. It does require strength to walk this path. And in this God has given you His Angels to walk with you, to uphold you. God has placed His hand upon you and He clears the path for you in many respects. And what He asks of you is small compared in what He gives, to love and support, to guide and protect you.

Bless you beloved souls, you continue to grow in the Love and you will continue to grow in the Light. God bless you. I am Augustine, your teacher, I am Augustine and I love you. God bless you.