Messages 2015 and 2016

Fighting back the Darkness of the Earth Conditions

February 29th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada.


Blessings to you, my dear ones, beloved souls, children of the Heavenly Father, whose souls are open to what our Heavenly Father has to give to you, each one of you, the blessings of His Love, the power of His Love that burns within your souls, the Light that reflects from this blessing, and this fire burning within you.

Dear souls, I am Luke and I come to speak of the conditions of this world and how you struggle each day to deal with the many layers of energies, thoughts, influences, aspects of this world which do indeed have its affect upon your beings, upon your thoughts and your actions. At times you feel removed from your Heavenly Father, distant and unable to connect with your souls, and at other times you feel this flow of His precious Love upon you within your minds and often it is a mystery to you, my beloveds, why this is so. Why do I feel the joy of my inner Light one day and the next I do not feel this but I feel burdened with my emotions and my thoughts?

Beloved children, the conditions of this world are powerful indeed and like the weather they come along in waves affecting every soul, every being in this world. These conditions generated by the actions and the thoughts of men, these conditions generated by the interactions that you have with others and the others have amongst themselves creating a general affect, an energetic field which causes you at times anxiety, unease, difficulties, and the negative thoughts. And, of course, you are the author of your thoughts, my beloveds and the author of your lives because you have free will. But so often you are influenced by these conditions and so often you are not able to overcome the power of these conditions. As this world continues to evolve with the thinking of men, the power of men’s thoughts and actions, you are swept away by these elements, these energies, these conditions and you find it difficult to fight, to rise above and to be free of such conditions.

But I tell you, each one of you have access to a great power, the power of God’s Touch within you and you must persist, you must put aside your anxieties and worries and cares. You must not allow the conditions of this world to infiltrate you to such a degree that you cannot feel God’s Touch within you and around you. You must fight these pressing conditions, for you, my beloveds, know the Truth that God Loves you, that God is with you, that God will guide you and uphold you as you venture upon your path of life. This is great and powerful knowledge, my beloveds, and you must utilize your knowledge and wisdom and the power of the Love that resides within your souls so that you may overcome these conditions and lead others beyond that darkness and pain to Light.

Indeed the foundation of all of this is prayer, to take those times each day in prayer, to ask God to neutralize those conditions around you and to open your soul to his Great Blessing of Love, to keep that great flow of Love influencing and neutralizing the darkness and the darkness within yourselves, my beloveds, the accumulation and detritus of a life which does have as a result conditions which are not in harmony with God’s Love residing within your souls. This must be neutralized as well for God has a great work to do with each soul and the process of their salvation bringing them into at-onement and harmony and resonance with God’s Love and presence of soul.

Yes, your efforts are mighty and the conditions which you must deal with each day are challenging, but you, my children, are strong and you must recognize that these efforts that you make in prayer, in releasing the conditions both within and around you are of utmost importance. You must be aware, my beloveds, with each breath, the choices you make in your thoughts. What do you reflect into the world? Who are you in the world? What do you stand for, my beloveds? Do you stand for Light? Do you stand for harmony and Love? This is God’s desire that you do so, and when you make that choice you know full well that God Touches and reinforces you in this choice and you do indeed become a channel of Love.

We understand that this is not easy. We understand that it takes strength, fortitude persistence, dedication, and great effort. But I tell you, my beloved, beautiful friends, the world needs warriors like yourselves, willing to fight against the darkness, willing to choose the Light, willing to go forth with strength and Love. And you will not succeed every day, but you will make progress with each day as you make the choice for Light and when you fall, when you feel consumed, when your emotions are all asunder and your thoughts turn to the negative and there is angst and anger and pain and worry, you know where to turn, my beloveds. You know the source that shall wipe away, bring soothing healing Love and give you strength and you must turn to this Source whenever you feel these things which hold you from God. And you must make yourselves available to His Blessing.

It is so important, so necessary as this world continues to plunge into darkness, as so many souls continue to walk blindfolded and deaf and dumb, unable to see with eyes of the spirit and the soul what is truly meant to be for all mankind. Yes, for those who are so long left in blindness to take away these scales is harsh and difficult at first, but it must be done for mankind to survive in Light, in harmony. The Truth must be spoken, the scales must fall and though this is painful, God continues to pour His Love, His Truth, His intentions for mankind to be healed, to be free, to have relief from all of this suffering which is so, so prevalent in your world.

You are praying for this, my beloveds, and God hears your prayers and God needs you to pray for this and pray for your own release from the darkness. Every day has its challenges and its rewards, my beloveds. You will continue to seek Light, your souls compel you to do so and allow your souls to inform your minds that you may make those choices for Light, that you may be open to God’s great Will. His whispers to your soul that you hear Him knowing and feeling the rightness of His Will and walk this Path Divine as His channels of Love.

We love you, my beloveds. We are with you. We walk with you and we do all that we can to help you to fight back the darkness. Know the joy that is surely yours with God’s Touch of Love. Continue, my beloveds, continue to pray, to know God, to seek Truth and to be that channel of Love, and we will be with you. We are with you and we shall never leave you, and you will reach this goal of great joy and freedom, Light and happiness welling up from your souls, welling up from the very depths of your being. It shall be yours, this Gift, and with each prayer you come ever closer and with each choice for Light you confirm that you are walking in the Light and the Truth and the Love.

God bless you, my beloveds, I am Luke and I am happy to come to speak to you this day. God bless you, beloveds, and God be with you on your journey to Light. God bless you.