Messages 2015 and 2016

Group Prayer Multiplies Blessings

September 1st, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Frankfurt, Germany


And may the Father’s Love find a constant inflowing into your souls that that Light might burn brighter and brighter till it is bright like the sun, illuminating all that which is around you, beloved souls. For God’s Love is unlimited, the capacity to receive this Love is unlimited, only restricted by your own desires and longings. The more passionate you are to receive this gift the greater will be the inflowing of this blessing. And so it is in a group of souls praying together, it is your longing, your passion, your focus, and your efforts to receive and to be in harmony together to create those conditions amongst you that draws this great blessing to you. And the great benefit of group prayer is how the longing, the desire is multiplied by each individual coming together, harmonizing and resonating with one another. And in this way a great inflowing is possible for each one of you. You benefit from the prayers of your brothers and sisters who join you. You come to a place of harmony and so the energy of the group, the flow of that energy within a group generates the conditions required for these great blessings to be given.

This is not the only way to receive Divine Love, my brothers, my sisters, it is in your personal and private prayers that the substantial portion of Love is given. But in these special occasions when you come together to receive, you generate and activate a great Law of Attraction that brings a greater benefit, a substantial benefit to each one of you. And these benefits come in the form of receiving the Love, in the form of receiving the healing from God, in the form of the powerful presence of the peace that passes all understanding.

And so as you continue to pray together keep this in mind, beloved souls, that you are generating something very sacred together, that you are giving to all your brothers and sisters in a way that brings great benefit to them as well as you. And there are many energies that come with these prayers that are beneficial not only to you and this group but to all those who are connected to you in this great network, this lattice of Light, these love bonds that are created between you and all those you care for and love, and even all those who are associated with you. So you generate a Light through your prayers that spreads out through this network and benefits many others. So again the benefits are multiplied in a group setting.

The blessings flow out in waves, colors of Light, great peace and healing. This my beloved, beautiful friends, is what will change the world. It is prayer, beloveds, it is the power of prayer, it is laying down your own egos and personal sense that you are all powerful and going to God and saying, “God, you are the one who is all powerful. In my prayer and love for you I accept that you will bring these gifts and blessings to others and if in my own small way, I can be an instrument for this, if I can assist you in this, if I can bring my own gifts into play for you as a dedication of love towards you and a dedication of love towards my brothers and sisters”. Then you open a door that is powerful indeed.

This does not take away from your beings, beloved souls. It adds to you. For as you give, so do you receive; as you are willing to be used by God, so you are blessed. And many do not understand this. They seek to make themselves strong and powerful, to walk this Earth contained within themselves feeling that they have the perceptions and the abilities to be a strong influence upon others. And to some degree this is true, but there is always something higher, my beloveds, something more powerful than you, just as the concept of this group power indicates greater power than yourselves so the concept of the power of God brings greater power to you, through you and around you to others.

It is an important understanding and God does not negate your own efforts to be strong and to be spiritually pure. No, my beloveds, God adds to your gifts. God can use your gifts and who you are, as the beautiful souls that you are. But part of you must let go and allow God to work through you. This is so difficult for the souls who inhabit the Earth at this time, for the messages that you receive is to be strong and powerful, be contained, be yourself, do not allow others to influence you, assess everything, judge everything, be powerful. And I say to you, my beloved souls, my friends, there is a higher way. There is a way where you feel completely and utterly acknowledged and sure within yourselves for your souls touched by God’s Love will bring this condition within you and your minds will acquiesce to the desires of your soul which acquiesces to the desires of God. And this is a balanced and spiritually mature human being when these elements are in balance, when the flow of God’s will informs your actions, when the flow of God’s Love touches everything you do, everything you are, and everything that you will be, will flower and expand, and become mighty forces that will beat back the dark conditions of this world.

The phrase “Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven and all things shall come unto you” is the truth. In order to seek the Kingdom of Heaven you must receive the glories of heaven which is the Love of God and to be as a child innocent, full of joy and desire, full of longing for God, for this embrace. This is the beginning, it is the first step of many, many steps as you ascend in your souls, in your development and you answer that call deep within you to serve mankind.

God has a plan for each and every soul in this world and it is for you, my beloveds, to understand the plan and the purpose for your existence in this world and that key will come to you personally and in harmony, in a way that you will understand, for each path is unique, each expression is unique, each soul is unique and God will nurture that beautiful flower that is you and bring you to full bloom, shining brightly in all its beauty.

I thank you, my beloveds, for allowing me to speak. I am Seretta Kem. I existed many thousands of years ago in the country of Egypt. I was a healer and I continue to be a healer in the world of spirit and even in this world when I am able to be used as God’s channel through healing and Love in this world, I come and I help. So I ask you, beloved souls, when you need my help, ask for me by name and I will come to you in an effort to help you with whatever you are struggling with, for as an angel in the Celestial Heavens our great task and our great joy is to serve all spirits and mankind in love.

God bless you, beloveds. God bless you and I love you.