Messages 2015 and 2016

Joseph on the Power of Commitment

March 28th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


God bless you, beautiful souls, I am Joseph.

I have come to talk about the power of commitment. How difficult it is for mortals to commit to a single path, to a simple truth, for you are constantly being buffeted by the conditions of this world and the many ideas and thoughts that enter into your consciousness from outside of yourselves. And I too had this trouble. I too found it difficult to commit to my son who taught his simple Truths of Love, and to be with the Heavenly Father in prayer and simple communion. The tenets of my religion made it difficult for me to commit to his Truth. I waffled and wavered, argued, and created much in the way of obstructions. And though I supported him as a father who loves his son, I did not always support his mission and efforts. This did not come until I entered the world of spirit and came to clearly understand this Path of God’s Love.

And so I see your struggle, my friends. You seek guidance, reassurance and support, clarity and further reassurance and you waiver somewhat, although you have progressed greatly upon your paths and are more committed than you were the day before and the day before that. This is because the power of God’s Love draws you into that more clear understanding of what it is you seek, the path that you take, yet your minds often draw you elsewhere. But the mind is often not satisfied with a simple truth. The mind wishes to elaborate, to bring more complex ideas into the matter. It is the soul that understands and accepts and is satisfied - fulfilled if you will, by the simple Truth. And this is what you must seek, my friends, the satisfaction of the soul, the peace that comes with the sure knowing of Truth. For the mind will forever dance in this desire to complicate and this is a distraction to the growth of your soul in many ways, for the mind can only understand from the context of what is within the mind. And these immaterial things where the soul is able to commune with the great Soul of God and draws its understanding from this connection to such a vast storehouse of knowledge and Truth lies within the Soul of God.

So, you see your efforts to find Truth are often obscured by the desire of the mind to distract from the simplicity and the awarenesses and functions of the soul. As you receive more of God’s Love you will be better able to commit to your path. As you already know, the growth of your soul, the growth of your spiritual path, your awareness, your capacity to love, is a gradual thing dependent upon your prayers and your efforts to reach God. And that commitment of which I speak grows as your faith grows within you, acknowledging the power of your soul to know Truth, and seeing from a clear perspective the capacities of your mind. This is limited, yet necessary in this world, to navigate this world, to relate to one another and to function.

Yet, there will come a time when you will function in a different way, a way in which your souls will inform your mind and have a greater capacity and ability to accommodate to the desires of your soul and the understandings of your soul. For the power of that knowing of soulful understanding will be irrefutable by your mind. You will come to a place of deep peace and sure understanding of great commitment and wondrous joy, for this is the promise of God’s Love transforming you. You will indeed be reborn in Love and all your faculties and capacities, the many aspects of your being will be harmonized by this Love, this Gift from God. There will be no doubt or fear or speculation, wondering what steps you must take, how they must be made. That clear channel you built in your soul to God’s great Soul, from your soul to your mind will be clear and vibrant and in harmony with God’s Will and His intentions for each one of you.

Yes, beloved souls, continue to reach for this goal, to walk that high road, that road where your soul informs all that you do and God informs your soul. It is coming. You feel it. In many ways you know it already. There is just this dance which you must acquiesce to which comes from the mind. It takes discipline, it takes great faith and a commitment to your soul, to God, to this Path of Love Divine. And as you further commit to this the angels shall be with you in greater numbers, in closer proximity, and much work can be accomplished through this deeper commitment.

Yes, you seek clarity with each day and with each step you take you receive greater clarity, and with each prayer you receive greater Love and with each drop of Love given within your soul you come closer to God and more in harmony with our Heavenly Father. And so you walk in this world, less bewildered by the meaning of your life and the purpose and more open to the understandings that come from your soul, the faith that grows within you, the Touch of God’s loving Hand upon you. And your commitment unfolds in this way, beyond mere mental belief to a place of soulful knowing and a greater understanding of your soul’s commitment to God.

Carry on, beloved souls. You have overcome many hurdles. And unlike myself when I walked the Earth you have come to commit to the teachings of our beloved Jesus. You are so much further ahead than many and you continue to grow and strengthen in the Love. There is much work to do and God has a great plan for each one of you as His channels of Love. We observe and support and pray for you, send forth our gratitude and joy that there are Lights in this world who bring this simple Truth, who bring the source of the salvation of mankind. Yes, so much to do, my beloved friends, so much to do. Continue to grow, strengthen your commitment, to be strong and disciplined and prayerful and of good faith and humility and all will unfold in the harmony of God’s Will and intentions through each one of you. God bless you, I am Joseph and I love you. God bless you.