Messages 2015 and 2016

Mediumship, Communication and Rapport

March 27th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


God bless you, my brothers and sisters, it is your servant and brother Seretta Kem, and I promised you that I would return to reiterate this message regarding mediumship.

So many laws come into play when this gift is used by a mortal: the Law of Attraction, the Law of Activation, and the Laws of Love combined with the desire of the medium plus what is their intent, their desire to be used in this way, their minds focussed on various subjects and imbued with various bits of knowledge, and then, of course, the development of the soul.

When we angels are able to use a medium this comes about because that medium has received within their souls a certain measure of Divine Love causing an attraction, an affinity and a certain measure of understanding of these Truths of God’s Love. As the Love strikes a soul it imbues within the soul a certain amount of understanding, awareness, capacity and a perception to know God, to know His Love, and to perceive the angels opening up this world, this world of the soul, which is not often glimpsed by mortals. It is ignored, buried under many, many layers and mental understandings, beliefs and biases. And this is why we encourage you, my brothers and sisters, to go deep within your soul to establish that connection in a conscious way with your soul. For the truths of the mind are transient and often illusionary but the truth of the soul is solid and can be relied upon. But these truths must travel up into your mind and in this traversing into your mind it is often filtered and distorted by those conditions within the mind - the material mind.

And so in the case of mediumship, what may begin as a pure understanding within the soul which comes from the rapport between the angel and the mortal, and the mortal’s connection with the Heavenly Father, will come through only to a degree. That passage is narrowed partly by the encrustations of the soul, the mental understandings, the biases, even the fears will limit this flow of information. And it is difficult for the mind to put words to something which the soul experiences in a wordless way. This is our challenge and when we partner up with a medium to bring forth these Truths, which often that medium has a clear understanding within their souls but does not have this clarity within their minds, there is a distortion. Not so much error, but an incomplete picture, an incomplete flow of information. And as that soul grows the channel becomes clearer, stronger.

And so it is for each one of you to understand the Truth of God you must enter that passage, that flow that connects your mind with your soul and brings this information, this experience, to a conscious level. This is done through prayer and what you call meditation. This is done through searching your soul to release those conditions within your mind, to having a trust, a faith and the assurance that what lies beyond your mental imaginations is something greater, fuller, richer, more aligned with Truth, and less aligned with the human condition.

And it is the power of God’s Love within your souls, my beloveds, that draws you there, pulls you deeper and allows that consciousness to become recognised and understood. And when this is accomplished, and an angel is in rapport with a medium or with any of you, certain information and experiences flood your consciousness, you become inspired if you will, you become in tune with what is happening within your soul. The knowledge and truth that God brings into your soul through the inflow of His Love, for this is the Essence of God, and imbued within the Essence of God is the Truth of God’s creation, existence, Laws, and all aspects of the universe come with this great gift of Love.

So, in many ways, the understanding of the soul is far greater, is far richer, deeper, resources laid up within the soul than the mind. As the medium progresses, as each soul progresses, this information is released, it drifts into the consciousness of the mortal, until that flood becomes so powerful, so complete that the mind capitulates and allows this greater, deeper consciousness to inhabit all aspects of the mortal. When this is fully embraced, when the soul is cleansed completely from all its sin and error and the encrustations, the mortal becomes redeemed, an angel, at one with God. And that resonance, that great awakening is complete. And yet it does not end there. Just as God is infinite and immortal, just as the universe is infinite, so the awarenesses, the understandings, the embracing of God in all His great and wondrous power of Love goes on for all eternity. I know this is hard for you to comprehend in this limited plane that you exist upon, but it is so, it is a Truth.

And we in the Celestial Kingdom witness this Truth every moment and continue our journey to God and at-onement. And it is our pleasure and gift and blessing to come to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, to encourage you upon that Path. And we make great effort to do so, for this increases our joy, our blessings, to have that opportunity to love a mortal. If you may, think of this as a parent nurturing a young child, the joy that that parent has watching that child grow, mature. This is our joy, to watch your souls blossom in Love, to see them flourish in Light, to see how you enact this change within you and your lives, to help you and inspire you to come to God in prayerful communion. This is our joy and it is our privilege.

And when we may teach through a medium, some of these truths and lessons, though as we have indicated these are rather incomplete but still the essence of what we teach comes through. And for souls so young, these simple Truths are what are important, what must be focused upon and nurtured within yourselves. One step at a time, beloved souls. One Truth at a time to bring fully within your consciousness and within your heart so that you may ever step forward and grow in this Love and change your perspectives, perceptions, understandings, knowledge, wisdom - as this shifts gradually towards the Truth, more in harmony with God’s Laws of creation, His Laws of Love - and you increase your Light, you walk that path ever closer to God and upon that path you release your burdens, and you feel greater joy and harmony within you. And those conflicts of yesterday are no longer there today.

And so it shall go, unburdening yourselves and finding freedom and joy. And your souls long for this. You feel this longing within you. You desire greater Love and harmony, peace and joy. And you reach God, you reach out and God responds and blesses you, blesses all around you. And as you come closer, He is able to use you as an agent of His Love, an instrument of His Will, a channel, so that He may reach through you to others. And when you are able to release your need to be in control of this, you will feel the flow more intensely. It will carry you through your life and you will not be reluctant or ambivalent. You will allow, and joyfully so, God to guide you in your life and you will willingly go for the joy in this, the power of this. The effects of allowing God to use you as His channel of Love will far outweigh any detriment you may imagine and will heal and put into harmony all aspects of your life in ways that you cannot imagine. But God knows what is required, how your path will be traversed, each one unique, each one beautiful and each one purposeful.

So, my friends, you are on a wondrous journey and those who are gifted with the gift of mediumship are entrusted with a purpose that has a measure of influence upon each of you and allows us to speak more clearly about your journeys, about this Path and the Truth of God’s Love. And there are no perfect mediums in this world. Each one influences what is brought through and this I believe that we all understand and accept, but it is your love and support both given through this medium and towards the medium, which encourages and sustains and allows us to come through as we do. It is important that you send your love to those who speak. It is important that you encourage those who speak. For it can often be a struggle and there are doubts that arise and I know that many of you benefit from these messages given and it helps to clarify your path. And there are times when the message given, or portions thereof, do not resonate with your understanding. Have compassion, beloveds, do not reject this, but understand the challenges that are in place for this type of communication.

Yes, you all desire for the highest and so do we. But the highest, my beloveds, is a graduated thing. It is dependent upon the conditions within the circle where the message is received, the aspirations of those within the circle, the condition of the medium, and the aspirations of the medium - there are many elements in play. And we must all work together to bring ever higher Truths and clearer Truths that resonate with the soul. We are working diligently to do so with this medium and other mediums in the world. It is your prayers that are important. And there are disciplines that each of you must carry out to ensure that you walk the highest path, especially for the mediums to be disciplined and prayerful and desirous of the highest Truths.

So, I have explained a portion of the dynamics and elements involved with this gift of mediumship. I am pleased to do so and each of you must take into account what has been taught, for each of you is influenced by Spirit, though you may not speak, you are receiving information through your souls, through your minds. So, these truths and information affect all of you. It is important to understand this. And many people walk through their lives with no understanding whatsoever of the power and influence of spirit in this world. But it exists nonetheless. All of you, every soul upon this planet, is subject to these influences. It is important to understand this and knowledge arms you so that you may not be subject to negative influences, that you do indeed reach for the highest and attract the angels by your side. For we may assist you with every aspect of your lives, bringing our wisdom, bringing the blessings of God’s Love, helping you upon your path, praying with you and protecting you.

So as I spoke to you in the beginning about the Laws that are involved in mediumship, they are involved with each soul, the Law of Rapport and Communication, the Law of Attraction, the Law of God’s Love. Very important to understand, my dear friends, to keep consciously aware of how these laws affect your lives and influence your decisions, and how your decisions influence the effectiveness of these laws upon your lives.

I thank you, my dear brethren, for allowing me to speak this day and I wish you Love. I wish you a great opening within your souls that will revolutionize your thinking, your consciousness, to bring a greater awareness of God into your lives, a greater understanding of what your lives are meant to be, to bring meaning and purpose, fulfilment and joy as God’s Love empowers your soul and brings about this great revolution within you, this cleansing, this redemption, this powerful Touch of Truth and Love. May you all walk your paths with this great power of Love firmly influencing every step as God Touches you further upon your path in wondrous ways. God bless you, your servant Seretta Kem loves you and is pleased to assist you. God bless you.