Messages 2015 and 2016

A Lesson on the Power of Humility

March 30th, 2016

Received by A.F.

Gibsons, B.C.


God bless you, my students, I am your teacher Augustine, and I have come to talk to you on the subject of humility. For this very quality I lacked when I walked the Earth. I was a man full of ambition, full of opinion, full of a desire for power and I possessed a somewhat developed intellect and I had a great desire for pleasures of the flesh. In other words, I was very human, very human in my life on Earth, and made very human choices. And yet God touched my soul in prayer, God lifted me up in prayer and I did indeed receive the first drops of His Love in those times when I was in a position of power and control within our church. And this created a great conflict within myself, for I knew there was a higher road to take and yet I resisted. I fought my soul’s inclinations and I chose a road of power, the exertion of my desire to control, to dominate. This was partly due to my own personality which is strong and partly due to my fears that I would lose my power and my dominance. So I chose a road which in the end, the outcome was that I taught error. I taught error and that error to some degrees still survives to this day within the church. I did not listen to God, I listened to my own mind and desire and fears, my own humanity.

And we have put a great deal of effort into teaching you, my beloved, precious souls, my students, the value of humility, of listening to your guidance, the inclinations of your souls - rather than the inclinations of your mind. This is true humility, to put aside your will for God’s Will, to allow God to infuse your being with His Love and to allow what manifest from that wondrous Gift to be enacted within your lives, your consciousness, your beings, to be a humble servant of the Heavenly Father. And we cannot stress this enough.

The mind in all its desire for control can only lead you so far upon this Path Divine, which is the way of the soul. You must choose to listen to that deeper place within you and to trust this and to allow your willful side, that human side so affected by the conditions of this world, to acquiesce to the desires of the soul and to acquiesce to God’s Will. This is humility, to not cease your own personal power but to allow God, the power of God’s Love to flow through you unrestricted, unfiltered, uncontaminated by your own willful desires. Then you will speak Truth, you can only but speak Truth, you can only but enact those things that are of Light, and Truth and Love, to be that clear channel that you pray for, you desire to be.

Humility is a difficult thing to obtain. It requires a great effort to overcome the human condition within yourselves. The mental condition which has been so crafted by your culture and society for a purpose, to serve the will of man, to serve those in power and yes it is cloaked by a description, that education is for the good of all, but in truth much of your education is for the good for those in power, those who seek control, those who desire for you to serve them. This is not to negate knowledge, no, my beautiful students. Knowledge, true knowledge, is always a gift.

When you listen to the messages given by all of those around you of a version of reality of Truth, which is so much a part of error, and you believe this, you allow this to sink into yourselves and you make it your own reality, and you walk the path of the human condition, you allow your mind to take control and humility is cast aside for a perceived desire of strength and control in your lives. And nothing can be further from the truth. There is no strength, there is no true control. For the events of the world take place all around you without your control. And great changes are coming, that will be out of your control and all of humanity’s control. And this is where the great strength of humility will shine forth for you, my beloveds, where you will listen to God’s Will which will carry you through any and all circumstances in the world. For God’s Wisdom, His Truth, His Desire for you, His Light surrounding you, His presence within your life, your true understanding of what is meant for this life of yours is true power.

It will empower you to make those choices in your lives that are in harmony, in Light, that resonate with Love and Truth. And this shall be done reflexively. It will not be the result of your desire to impress, to control or dominate others, instead it will be a natural upflow of your being and this is humility. You will both be true to yourselves and true to God. This is humility. And in this there comes a great power which others will recognize for you will walk the world with a strength and peace, a humility which will be noted by all those you pass and many will be drawn to this, a great island of peace within a stormy world. A humble yet strong person it is who will be a channel of Truth and Love, will be an example for others, will show the way through the darkness to the Light.

In my life on Earth these concepts were very foreign. I did not truly understand the power of humility. But of course as I progressed in spirit and reached the Celestial Kingdom, I now fully understand the power of humility and to some degree this is what motivates me to come back to Earth to teach. For I realize how important it is to uphold the fledgling souls in this world who are seeking Truth and Light, I understand their struggles and I have great love and compassion for all of you and all those in the world who are struggling with these conditions, these lessons. And my heart bursts when I have an opportunity to serve, to instruct, to envelope in Love, my charges. And God has much work for us in the Celestial Kingdom which involves you upon this Earth. As you have much work to enact these lessons you have learned, the Love that you have obtained, the Truth that you know, this is a great work. And you are learning humility, you are learning to let go of those parts of yourselves which resist the Will of God.

My beloved students, continue to reach for that high road, that place of true and pure understanding of God’s Will, that place of powerful humility, of being in grace, of knowing from the soul. For in that place all that you seek to do in this world to help your brothers and sisters shall unfold in wondrous ways, beyond your wildest conceptions. And it comes with humility, the strength of faith, the power of Love.

God bless you, my students. I am so pleased to be able to deliver this message, to be with you, to have this opportunity. And I am with you often as you live your lives and struggle with the human condition. I have great empathy and compassion for these struggles. And I love you, beloved students, I love you so dearly and I will always be with you helping you upon your path. God bless you, God bless you.