Messages 2015 and 2016

Sensitive Souls are the saviours of this world

March 7th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Selah, WA, U.S.A.


God bless you. Yes, your dear brother (V.S.) has made great progress in the world of spirit and this is often so for these gentle souls who find it so difficult to be in the world. When they do enter the world of spirit their progression is swift for this is more to their liking and in harmony with their being. These are sensitivities that each of you carry, my beloveds and I know you struggle, you find the world a difficult place, but we in spirit and God’s Touch upon you make it easier does it not? It allows you to cope and to progress in this world. And as you deal with these difficult conditions you become stronger and the channel of Love becomes clearer as you beseech God to carry you forth through the darkness into Light.

And yet it is the sensitive souls who are the saving grace in this world. For those who continue to walk in blindness, deaf and dumb to Truth and Light, who continue to abuse themselves and others, who continue to ignore God’s beseeching Love and desire to be in love - who will open their eyes? Who will be the examples? Who will allow those tender hearts within them to shine forth in the world bravely and resolutely saying: “I refuse to be in the darkness, I refuse to be in that place of judgment, fear and anger, error. I desire something higher, better and more beautiful”?

And it is those sensitive souls who have that deep longing and who carry the pain of the knowledge of the cruelties of this world, but who overcome these and beseech God to heal them, to heal all of humanity, to choose love over pain, to choose compassion over judgment, to choose strength in truth and authenticity over superficiality, who seek the truth more fully. These are God’s children who are redeemed or on the Path of redemption. And you are they, my beloveds, you are those children and you will deserve the ministrations of the angels and the Touch of God and the support that you are given, you will deserve this, my beloveds, because you have chosen this. You have chosen this over the mediocrity which so many choose and this makes you a beloved and precious soul in this world.

Continue in your efforts to love, to love yourselves, to love all around you, to be a channel of Light and Love for God. And God will guide you on a wonderful path and you will not be hurt by the world but you will bring the healing balm of Love, for God’s Hand is firmly upon you, my children. You cannot deny this, you feel it, you know it. And in this way you are not vulnerable to the evil, you are a powerful channel of Light and change.

You must believe and truly know this within yourselves and walk and speak accordingly, to be strong in the Light, to be loving in all of your actions, to release your own pain and know the freedom and joy of being God’s child no matter where you are. You must be this, first and foremost in God’s grace and in this you will touch many souls. Your example will turn heads, will bring curiosity. You will be noticed and some will wonder and others will recognize and many will be touched in some way as you sow these seeds of Love in the world. Be strong my dear, beloved children and know that God has you firmly in His grasp and shall not let any harm come to you, my beloveds, as long as you continue to walk in this Light and follow His guidance. God bless you, my beloved souls. You are truly blessed and loved and precious, jewels beyond price, beloveds. Continue to shine, to be a channel of Love and to be who you truly are in the Light of God’s recognition and Love and creation. God bless you. Augustine loves you dearly. God bless you.