Messages 2015 and 2016

Struggling to make sense of the world.

Date: 16 March 2015

Spirit: John the Beloved

Medium: Al Fike

Swakopmund, Namibia.


I am John the Beloved.

Each of you desires to see the Truth, to understand the nature of life and the nature of your own being. To grasp these realities without confusion, to see clearly, to walk in this world with the perspective that will bring within you harmony and a deep understanding of this world and those you encounter in this world. And it is the mind which either allows the deeper reality to come into it and embrace it or to reject these awarenesses and this reality.

You are first and foremost spirits, my beloveds. And this spirit carries forth beyond this world and what ignites the spirit to life? It is the soul, this gift from God, this reflection of God within you. And what will further ignite the soul is the Love of God, the Essence of God, which is not a part of the soul at birth but can become a part with sincere prayer and longing to your Creator to receive this blessing of Love. And in so doing and receiving this blessing you will ignite and open the faculties of the soul, the sensibilities and the wisdom of the soul and you will then see these deeper realities, these greater truths, which are a part of life and God’s creation.

And most men struggle in the world, to become aware and make sense of their lives and they see with their senses and assess with their mental faculties and attempt to create a truth through these aspects of their being and are often content with what they have cobbled together through their life experiences and the narrow education which they receive. But I tell you this is not nearly a fraction of the truth. It is merely a faint reflection of reality. Yet most of mankind accept this and live by these shallow and faint truths in the world and feel that they have mastered the truth, the reality, the understanding of the universe. Yet, they delude themselves. They walk in a darkened world, senses dimmed, mind barely functioning.

Yet offered to all mankind, to all souls in the world, are the possibilities of truly opening and understanding and gleaning great truths and awarenesses and knowledge through the opening of the soul to God’s Love. For is it not God that created all of the universe and all universes and realities in their many dimensions and complexities? And God has given you the ability to understand this through your soul faculties with His Essence igniting and expanding these abilities within you, these gifts laid within your souls, dormant and small yet waiting to expand and embrace the truth.

It is your choice my beloveds. And each of you within your souls is eager to absorb and know these realities, to know God, to know yourselves. And you are young and tender shoots, which will in time become great and mighty oaks. Beautiful Lights in God’s universe. And this journey of growth and discovery of love and truth takes time, each day a step further and closer, each breath propelling the growth within. Be thankful my beloveds, for what is given and be hopeful for what shall be given and what is possible within you and be open to God’s loving hand upon you and you will find your way.

Though you walk in a forest that is dim and oppressive at times, you shall come into that glade of open sunlight, beautiful flowers, peaceful and filled with God. It comes, it is yours for the asking. It is yours with each step you take towards it and it will reveal to you all the secrets, all the answers, all that you desire to know. And all that is in you that is bitter and disappointed and hurt will fall away and you will truly know what Heaven is, what joy is, what life is. Such blessings await for the asking. For that small effort to be open to allow yourselves to let go of that which is not in harmony with God’s Love and to accept that, which is in harmony. It comes ever closer.

My beloveds, continue in your prayers and efforts to be with God and you will discover God and you discover your true selves and all that which lies within you, such great ability and gifts and beauty will be revealed and will be a conscious knowing and expression of yourselves.

Bless you, my beloveds. I am John the Beloved and I love you and I care for you and I am close to you. Bless you, beloved souls, bless you.