Messages 2015 and 2016

The power of prayer.

23rd January 2016

Received by Al Fike



God bless you, beloved souls. Indeed it is important to pray. It is important to start your day in prayer and to set out your intentions to God, and to listen for God’s intentions for you, my beloveds. For as you pray and open that channel and that connection with your Creator, as you receive His Love flowing in your souls, as you open your minds and your hearts, you then are receptive to God’s guidance, you then draw we angels into your midst, you then set up the flow, the process, the unfolding of this Light and guided outpourings to all those you meet.

The discipline of prayer, the art of prayer, the beauty of prayer is very important, my beloveds. It is the foundation from which you walk in this world as God’s channels of Love. For as you continue to connect with your Heavenly Father, whether that be for a moment or for an hour or for a morning or in an evening together as a group, whatever way you pray together or sing together, you are affirming the Truth, you are affirming the desires of your souls to be in harmony with God and His Love. Beloveds, do not neglect these efforts and this discipline. And it is not so much a discipline and a burden, but a Gift and an opening which you with your free will have decided to be in God’s presence, to be open to God’s flow of Love and Light, peace and healing, kindling the joy within your souls, bringing you into greater harmony with all of God’s laws of Love and affirming the Truth that you walk in this world.

Prayer, my beloveds, it is your anchor, it is your foundation, it is what is required of you as you walk upon this Path Divine. And not prayer that is a recitation from your minds, but prayer that is a longing from your soul. For as you well know it is this sincere and true longing, these aspirations and desires from your soul presented to God in whatever form is comfortable for you to present. These aspects, the power of your longing, of your reaching out from the very center of your being to the very great Soul of God’s Being that will elicit answers, responses, healings, outpourings of His Love through the Holy Spirit.

Yes, my beloveds, it is that sincere prayer, whether done in words, whether it is pure longing or a combination will elicit a response that you desire and open you to the great world of God’s creation and the great possibilities that lie within your souls. Potentials, gifts, insights, visions and great and powerful guidance which will lead you forward upon your Path and open up that great channel of Love in the world.

Beloveds, continue in your prayers, reaching ever higher, seeking ever greater Truth and more Love through your prayers. God communicates with you, beloveds, and through your prayers you draw the highest of angels to you. The power of prayer, the power of prayer, beloveds, you seek this, you acknowledge this and you use this Truth to further your own growth and to bring greater Light into this world and to those whom you love and are connected to, to many other souls who benefit from your prayers. Continue, my beloveds, to pray and pray often and be sincere and true in your prayers, beloveds.

May God bless you mightily as you open yourselves to these blessings that shall come in great torrents and little trickles and touches and drops, a mighty rain of Love pouring upon you, beloveds, through your prayers, may you be gifted in many ways. God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I love you and I love to hear your prayers, so beautiful, so pure. Beloved souls, may God bless you mightily in your efforts. God bless you.