Messages 2015 and 2016

The Power of Prayer

March 19th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Selah, W.A. U.S.A.


I am Luke and I have come to talk about how prayers are answered, the Law of Activation as you know it. These two dear souls came to answer a prayer. God puts the desire within them, the thought to come and help in love. And, my dear daughter, your prayers were fervent and were answered. And now you have made a condition in the world of Light. You have created together something beautiful. You have made a place of harmony in this world and the Law of Attraction will bring those souls who are also prayerful and will receive this blessing from God. And in this they may also serve God to answer someone else’s prayer in some way because you have created a place where they will find a measure of happiness and security and will benefit from the conditions that are built in this place.

And so it goes in many, many wondrous ways the answering of prayer, being of service, listening to God, who directs and shows you how to answer another’s prayer and to pray for others, and to bring this Light through prayer, to answer the longings of your soul through prayer. Prayer, beseeching the Heavenly Father for His Touch and Love and Blessings for you and for others, how this does indeed have an impact in the world and the chains of responses that go on and on in this world by simple prayer, by a true longing, a simple effort in love, a touch, an embrace and a prayerful longing that others may benefit from God’s great Blessings which are bountiful and rich and deep and affect many, many levels of life.

Dear children, you have indeed learned the power of prayer, have acknowledged this, have utilized this, have grasped this great truth, and you must share your knowledge, your understanding and most of all your prayers with others so that they too may understand the benefits, the great power that comes with prayer. For when God answers prayer, he brings harmony to any situation, he brings healing to heal the hurts, he soothes the heart, he fills the soul and with this, Light is generated, thinking thoughts change, understandings awaken, longings within the soul emerge, towards God.

Prayer, my beloveds, prayer - continue, my beautiful, prayerful souls, in your efforts to change the world through prayer, to bring God’s presence in this world more fully within you, within the world, for this is so needed, this great wonderful truth. If more of mankind were to know of it and utilise it, increase their faith through it, how different this world would be, how different. There are pockets of souls who pray as you do and you will connect with them and you will work with them though their understandings may be slightly different, within their souls and your souls is a true understanding of the power of prayer. And this is part of God’s plan, to connect the souls who will continue with this vigil of prayer for the healing of your world. But the key is prayer. The key is intention, soul desire and knowing God in such a deep way that His Will will be clear to you, will be clear within your prayers, within your thoughts and in your actions.

You will continue to serve God in this way and you will be guided to many, many souls, some in need of this truth, others who will acknowledge this truth with you and pray with you. Prayer, my beloveds, continue in this way. Exercise your faith, seek God’s Love above all things and allow God to orchestrate your life in wondrous ways. Have you not seen the demonstration of His Will within your lives in these moments together? How everything worked together in harmony and fell into place? And you all felt a deep sense of contentment with your efforts and saw what you have accomplished in love. This is a demonstration of how you may work together. Though the situation may be very different, the goal may be very different, the enactment of your love together, and how you work together, how you contributed your gifts, your willingness to share in these matters and your love. This is so important. This is so important. And those around you, observe this and it moves them within their souls. You move them.

Bless you, my beloveds, beautiful souls who pray, who put prayer before all things in their lives. Bless you for your efforts, acknowledging the desires of your souls, acknowledging the power of God’s Blessings and walking in the Light. Continue on, my beloveds. You are loved, dearly loved. Your brother Luke is with you on your journeys, your efforts, in your service in the Light. God bless you. God bless you.