Messages 2015 and 2016

The Power of Prayers Multiplied.

July 25, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, BC


I am Seretta Kem and I thank you for allowing me to speak tonight for what I have to say will educate you regarding the efforts you are making in these circles of prayer for healing for this world. Yes, many healers, angelic healers, are with you and many circles of prayer which rise up through the spheres of spirit are joining you in your prayer and efforts for this world. And in this comes a great Light, a portal of Light, directly from God and within this Light are many healing energies, hues of all colors flowing forth. And amongst you within this circle is a great vessel, a vessel that collects these energies. And these energies overflow from this vessel into various streams travelling in all directions in the world. And as this Light and energy and blessing overflows and flows into this world, many angels are directing and dividing this energy to various places in the world. So this one great beam of Light is multiplied over and over again exponentially and touches many, many thousands in the world, not only the children you pray for and those loved ones and those you know, but many, many more.

It is important that you pray for the leaders of the world. It is important that you pray for all those who are making an effort to bring Light and change to this world. It is important that you pray for all those who pray, that their prayers may reach the Heavenly Father and flow and add to your efforts.

So, my beloveds, what you do here has far reaching effects in the world. And you cannot see this with your eyes but you do indeed feel the importance of these efforts and I would encourage you to continue, to intensify your prayers and to think often of these little circles of healing that you may add your intention, your desire, that this Light might intensify, that those who are touched by these great efforts in prayer, which are, which involve many, many souls on many different levels in spirit, and many angels, many who join you in your intention and your deep desire to bring healing to this world, a world in desperate need of the healing Touch of God. And pray that all those who are touched by this Light, that God will place within them the desire for His Love, that as you know, that great Healing Touch of Love is the most powerful healing of all and the greatest change agent in the universe.

Carry on, beloved souls, for as you pray, you too are touched in Love. And as you pray, you are being used in powerful ways to bring comfort and healing to many, many souls. Such a simple act, such a powerful response from God and the more intense and sincere is your prayer, the more souls will be touched in this way. Beloveds, God bless you in these humble, but powerful efforts. God bless you mightily, beautiful souls. I am Seretta Kem and I love you.