Messages 2015 and 2016

The purpose of Divine Love.

Date: 31 March 2016

Spirit: Judas

Medium: Al Fike

Gibsons, Canada.


God bless you my dear friends, beloved souls, I am Judas.

I have come to speak about the purpose of Divine Love. I have been with this instrument often when he reads the book in which I collaborated within writing (Judas of Kerioth) and he has gleaned much from what he has read and I am well satisfied with the efforts that we have made in this publication which is indeed meant to be widely distributed.

To understand Divine Love, one must go to the very beginnings. When mankind was created the Heavenly Father selected an appropriate vessel to receive a special gift of the reflection of God Himself in the form of a soul. And that soul was given and placed within a male and female human body. And with the gift of this soul came great promise, great promise and great potential. And God had great plans for his new creatures, His most beloved and beautiful creation. The only creatures to receive a soul, an individuated soul. And what was the purpose for this soul? The purpose was to reflect the beauty of God and in some ways reflect the attributes of God, in the living being in the flesh and in the spirit.

And in order for this expression to be full and rich, God gave the gift of ‘free will’ with the intention that with the wisdom inherent within a pure soul, which of course these two souls were pure in their incarnation, free of any sin and error, and the Father placed them within an environment which nurtured them fully and gave them free reign upon this earth imbued with all the wisdom and perception a purified soul may have. And then He offered another gift, a more beautiful gift, the gift of His Essence. Not the mere reflection of His Being, but the Essence of His Being. That it may infill the soul with attributes and abilities similar to that of God. It could never be equal to God, for God is infinite in His Attributes, in His Love, in all that He is. But these pearls of souls may have that Light, those qualities to a degree that reflects God. And so this Gift was offered, it was offered as a choice. And it was rejected. For the happiness for those original beings was great and full in their existence as it was. And so they decided that they were indeed fulfilled in their lives as they were, their beings upon this world. And so the Gift was withdrawn until another beautiful soul was incarnated into this world free of sin and error, as you know, our dear brother Jesus brought this Gift back to humanity.

And this Gift was offered to Him and he accepted for he knew this was his purpose in the world to bring this Gift again to humanity and to show by his example, his knowledge and teachings what this Gift is, how to obtain It. And I was one of his disciples, one of many. And I along with all of my brothers and sisters who followed Jesus was very unclear as to what this Gift was. We saw embodied within our dear brother great power and wisdom, love and affection, gifts of healing and  insight and perceptions which we did not have. And we glorified our brother, we put him upon a pedestal and we saw him as different and far above us. But we did not understand why he was different. How he was able to manifest his beautiful spiritual gifts, how he was able to love to such a pure degree.

And the essence to my betrayal to my dear and beloved brother was a naïve perception that he would turn the tables upon the oppressors and become the ruler of our land, a true king. You can imagine my horror at what happened. And you know my story.

And the great grief that was shared amongst my brothers and sisters of the murder of our dear and beloved Messiah, how distraught we all were. And yet he reappeared and again reiterated his message and beseeched us to pray for this Love, this Love Divine. Yes, my brothers and sisters came together in prayer and received the Pentecost, it changed them. It gave them the insight which Jesus longed to show us in his ministry.

We understood the power of God’s Love infilling our souls taking us beyond the human condition to a place of greater joy and harmony and peace and Light, closer to God. And you my dear and beloved friends have walked this road for some years now and you have gotten glimpses to the power of this Love, what it can do, how It does indeed change your thinking and being, what motivates you, and your perceptions of God and of life and of purpose. This Truth exists. The Truth of God’s Love and the power of God’s Love. In the beginning it was lost, then it was found again and in many ways lost again and now found again. And you have the opportunity, just as those who followed Jesus many years ago have, to express this Truth in the world. It is difficult because of the nature of this Gift. You can perceive the manifestations of it, you can feel the power of it, but can you touch it and see it? No, my friends, it is at the soul, it is a power within the soul. It must be experienced in an awakening, an opening, a sense of its reality. So just as our dear brother Jesus was challenged to convey the Truth of this Love, just as the first parents did not understand the true value of this Gift given by God, just as you struggle to truly speak and convey and teach and demonstrate this wondrous Truth. There is no sure way to bring another to these living waters and to drink, for God gave each soul free will, God allowed each soul to choose. And so it is, my beloved friends, and so it shall always be. A choice.

This does not mean you should be quiet about this Truth, but indeed your persistence and your desire to teach of God’s Love is a great gift in this world. All who attempt to show this Truth to others are blessed indeed, for this is God’s Will. That all humanity will be given this choice and you are a part of God’s plan to bring this choice to humanity. And that part of you that is human brings you some confusion and doubt. The part of you that is your soul eager to be reunited with its Creator, to resonate in that deep soul awareness and being, knows and is in many ways already redeemed. For now you cannot turn back on this path, you only can move forward. And God will usher you forward upon this path, streaming His Love into your soul, caring, protecting, guiding, showing you the way forward. And your eyes begin to open, your ears to hear His Voice. Your longing intensifies and you walk more firmly upon this road, this road to redemption, freedom, joy, infinite happiness, fulfillment, at-onement.

But someone told you my beloved friends of this great possibility, this Love Divine. So you must tell others. You must tell of your joy, of your experiences with God, your happiness. How you have been healed and carried and nurtured in love. Your examples, your words, your prayers, your thoughts, all contribute to this message which must be given, that God wishes for His Universe, the universe of souls that He has created, that each one be a great shining pearl of light infused with His Essence and in harmony with Him, at-one. It is only through this Gift of God’s Essence that this can be so and this was God’s intended purpose for every soul to receive this Gift of Love, to come to that place of at-onement and to accompany God on that infinite journey of life and existence.

And you my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters, are with us upon this journey and we embrace you and welcome you on this wondrous road of discovery, of infinite soul growth and at-onement with God. And we love you, we love you all and we wish to embrace all of humanity in this way as God wishes His children to be gathered together in His Love. Is this not beautiful my friends? This knowing, this acknowledgement of God’s great Gift to His most wondrous creations and do you not sense within your soul the joy of knowing this and living this and being a part of it? Being a part of something truly, truly beautiful and glorious. Carry on my friends in your efforts and we will accompany you upon your journey. There is much to see, to experience, to know and you have much to share with your brothers and sisters. Continue to be open to your guidance, to be open in loving ways to all you meet. And may your smile and the twinkle in your eyes reflect the great Truth of God’s Love that resides within your soul. In this way you speak Truth as you attempt to embrace all that you meet in Love.

God bless you, I am happy to speak through my friend. God bless you, I am Judas and I love you.