Messages 2015 and 2016

The Reaction to Your Light

September 15th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Belgrade, Serbia

The power of the Light, my beloveds, the power of the Light within your souls causes a response and a reaction in the world, and as your Light grows so will the reaction intensify. From some there is a beautiful desire and drawing close to you, a response of love, a recognition from their soul to your soul, a recognition of the Light. And this I know, my beloved students, you respond to and enjoy this interaction, this response. From others there is a negative response, a desire to snuff out your Light, a reaction of suspicion, of fear and anger from those who are not close to God. They do not understand the beauty and the power of God’s Love shining within and are afraid and feel confronted and they look to see your flaws. There are those who feel jealousy and who are competitive, and all of this is a condition of the mind, yet their souls may indeed have the Love within yet their minds continue in their reflexive responses towards you.

Love does not seek out the flaws in another. Love is not afraid. Love is not angry. Love is not judgemental. Love embraces, accepts, encourages and brings about resolution rather than conflict, connection rather than distance and this, my beloved souls, is what you as a channel of Love must do and be in the world. Do not judge others. Do not be fearful of another’s response to you. It is your relationship with God, your relationship with your own soul, your relationship of love with others that is important and the rest is merely a reflection of the human condition, that darkness which you are engaged with in order to bring Light so as to dissolve this condition.

Beloved souls, I know there are times when others lash out, others whom you do not see as a negative relationship to you, yet ithe source is often surprising when these judgements and conditions come. I say to you, beloveds, be strong. Do not allow these conditions to hurt you. Be loving. Do not react in the way of anger to anger, judgement to judgement, fear to fear. No, my beloveds, you are stronger than that. Walk with your head up high. Be loving at all times. Know that in this choice you will bring God ever closer to you and a loving response to your decision to be a loving channel in the world.

And yes, there will always be responses which will come from surprising places, reacting to your efforts, to your love, to your Light and indeed you are not perfect. It does not take a great deal of research to see your flaws, you are human. Yet these aspects of yourself, which are changing and evolving, are minor compared to the power of the Love that flows through you, the beauty of your words, the smile, the embrace, the truth that you speak, the prayers that you make, the acceptance that you have for others.

This is your testimony to the power of God’s Love. This will be your heritage, for how many will remember your flaws? No, my beloveds, they will remember your smile, your embrace, your encouragement, your love. This is what you build in your life and as that Love intensifies, that Light grows within you and within your life, it will expand out and expand out to many spheres of influence in your world. It is how progression takes place within you. It reflects this Light which reflects upon all and every soul you meet.

Beloveds, remember you are God’s children. Do not react to negativity, but be humble, be firm, be in the truth, do not react, be strong in the Love and in this way you walk with integrity, in this way you bring Light when darkness is all about you, in this way you stand firm for the Truth. Beloved souls, continue in your efforts, and with your journeys. Reach out and embrace many so powerfully. Such a message you give with such efforts. And God will ever bless you as you continue to move in the world, to struggle with the conditions of this world, and to counteract the darkness. God bless you, beloved souls. Your teacher Augustine loves you and will continue to stand by your side showing, teaching, loving you, protecting you. All is well, beloved souls. All is well. God bless you. I love you.