Messages 2015 and 2016

Andrew on Two Choices - Two Pathways.

May 2, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Abbotsford, BC


Yes, the dear and beloved soul Mary speaks the truth and it is true that the law of compensation is transformed in its effects upon the soul who is redeemed by the Father’s Love, for are you aware, my beloveds, that when you pass over into spirit your soul has the memory of every minute, second of your life? And when one is in spirit these memories flood forth into your consciousness and those deep-seated disturbances within you, though many feel that they have dealt with these issues through their mental reckonings and what you refer to as therapy, I say that within the mind these issues are settled but within the soul they are not.

Now there are two choices in dealing with the deep-seated injuries of the soul. When one walks the natural pathway in this great effort to be purified within your soul and your mind, then each and every aspect of these memories lodged within the soul must come up into your consciousness and depending upon the nature of it, of these thoughts and memories, one must atone for these words spoken, for injuries given, for injuries put upon another, for you are human and in many ways you have experienced many errors and have been responsible for hurting others with what you say and do. This is the human condition. All souls must recompense for these actions and in many respects, the journey through the spheres of spirit are determined by how one willingly takes on these great efforts to purify, to release and to make recompense for those actions taken.

The second choice is to have these conditions within the soul healed, transformed and released through the power of God’s Love. This can be a very quick and powerful journey of healing, of release, and this is what we refer to as the soul finding its salvation, to be purified, to be in harmony with God’s Love, which would burn within the soul, burning away all those conditions that are not in harmony with the Love. Beloved souls, it is the choice to take this journey of recompense (described above) or to take the journey of faith and love accepting and embracing the power of this Love.

And when you pray for God’s Love, you set a course for yourselves, a higher road, an easier path which has far-reaching effects. As you journey through the spheres of spirit you will gain much benefit from the cleansing power of God’s Love. And as you release those conditions that are pushed out by this Love, released, purified and burnt away, you are then more free to receive greater inflowings of the Love and your progression becomes exponential and your journey swift to those spheres of the Celestial Heavens where each soul is redeemed, each soul is free of sin and error, of darkness.

So you see, beloved souls, your journey of life upon this Earth-plane is short, swift but has a great bearing upon where you will continue life in spirit. You have a great advantage here on Earth, and as you pray for this Love, and as it influences your choices and your actions, you are creating for yourself a wonderful heritage of Light, a wealth within your soul that will bring you to places of great Light and harmony in spirit when that time comes, the end of a short life in the world of material. For the world of spirit, life is much, much longer and you must consider this, how you are indeed building for the future of your existence. Opening up to God in this way through His Love is a swift road for those who have faith and dedication and acknowledge the yearning of their souls for this Gift. And for those who have led a difficult life here on Earth, whether of their own choosing or have been victimized by others and carry the hurt and the pain, the resentment and the anger but choose not to go to God with these issues and conditions, they choose a long road, a difficult road, but they will in time come to that place of purification, they will in time, for this is part of God’s intention for all humanity to come to a place of purity. But that place within the sixth sphere of existence is the very limit and apex of these efforts to purify the natural being, that which you were born with, the potentials and gifts and possibilities of the natural soul.

And when one chooses the Divine Path, as the soul is transformed and redeemed by this Love, there are unlimited possibilities, for God’s Love, this energy, this Gift is unlimited. The potential for your soul to receive this Gift is unlimited. Therefore you walk a path for all eternity within this great Light of God and His soul of Love and it is this Love that will be your life-force, that will enliven, transform and carry you to places unimagined, to awarenesses deeper than any ocean, to a capacity to love greater than all the love combined of all the peoples on this Earth, the capacity to love greater than all the love that is here at this moment in this world. Can you imagine this, my beloveds? Can you imagine such a state of bliss and love, joy and happiness? It is free for you for the asking. It merely requires that you choose, that you choose the gift of Love.

Do not hold back from God, but open yourself completely to His Touch and allow His healing Hand to release you from your burdens, all that which holds you, all that which takes you to places of pain, all that which you harbor in judgment and anger, resentment, those human things God wishes for you to release, to be free, to know great joy. It is for you, beloved souls. It is for you and for all who desire this. God bless you, beloveds. I am Andrew and I love you, I embrace you and I have a fervent desire for you to embrace God in this way and you will find the wonderment, the joy and the abiding peace. God bless you. God bless you.