Messages 2015 and 2016

Divine Love Followers must unite in the Name of Love

November 28th, 2016

Wainae, Hawaii.

Received by Al Fike.

I have come to give you a message of peace. I come to advise you, my beloved souls, to put aside your differences. All who are a part of this wondrous knowledge of Divine Love, put aside those differences within you, within your thinking, within your projections of what others are thinking and your assumptions of others. You must unite as a family in harmony and those who cannot do so have not truly understood the power of God’s Love. You must let go of your prejudices and your judgements and envelope one another in love.

I understand the struggles of the earth plane. I was charged by God to bring together the Jews, my people, and there were many such conditions and strife within that family; much larger than your own, and yet we did bond together, we did unite, we did put aside our differences. And yes, it will never be perfect, my beloveds, you will never have that expectation fulfilled, that others will think as you do. No, my beloveds, but what bonds you together is the sure knowledge of the power of God’s Love and that love can unite all, no matter their perspective, their fears, what error lies within them.

My beloveds, the power of Love will overcome all these conditions but you must be willing to try, to accept, to reach in love, to bring harmony and accommodation to those who are truly a part of you. It is time for you to unite, for you do need to go to that place of unity amongst yourselves in order to bring that flame, that lantern of truth to the world.

For each has something to give towards this great effort and each will be included and their gifts will be expressed, given to the hungering souls, but when you are bogged down in judgement, in fear, in assumptions, this cannot happen. You will have pockets, several here, several there but not unity, not true brotherhood and sisterhood; a fellowship that is strengthened in love and trust of one another.

Put aside your differences and allow God to work through each one of you as you walk in faith, in the strength of that faith. Trust in God’s plan and be not concerned of the behaviour of your brother or sister. No, my beloveds, you are bound, tied, connected, bonded in love. You share this wondrous gift, a gift that will carry your through thick and thin and the changes that are coming in this world. You must perk yourselves up towards the possibilities and not avoid one another because in some way you feel you have been slighted, in some way you feel that another does not measure up to your standards or in some way there is a mistrust, a misunderstanding. Yes, this is the human condition and these things are inevitable because mortals find it so difficult to trust and to love, to release those hurts, to let bygones be bygones.

No, my beloveds, you must, you must let go and let God guide you together. Invariably there will be some who cannot and will not release those conditions that draw them apart from you. I am not suggesting that you accept those in a forcible way into your band of workers, no, this cannot work but you are required to give each a choice in a loving way, to open the door in a loving way and say “you are welcome, you are welcome to express love, to express truth, to be within this wondrous fellowship which God has created and to work with all of us to bring the truth to mankind, to this world”.

Yes, united, my beloveds, united you are strong, united you will move forward, united much can be accomplished and every soul, every soul has gifts and a purpose and a potential. You must, as strong and beautiful channels of love, seek out the souls and entreat them to come together with you in this Love, the flow of this Love, the flow of God’s Will.

When you push your brothers and sisters away in judgement or fear, you push God away, you push love away. When you envelope and accept, when you make an effort to go beyond your own barriers and reach out to others in sincerity, in humility, you bring the light to you, you bring the truth as a living flame and testimony to the Love that burns within you. You bring this forward and you say “I am willing to love you. I wish to love you. I desire to love you. For I have this wondrous love within me and I wish to give it to you and to make you my brother and sister. To walk with you. To support you in love. To truly be your brother and sister in the Love”.

This is challenging, I understand, for I had my challenges but no challenge is too great when God has his hand in your life. It is a test of faith, a measure of who you are, a strengthening of your capacity to love, a testimony to your own humility and willingness to set aside your biases and fears and judgements and be open to God’s Will.

Beloveds, unite in love, be strong in love, voice this invitation in love and see what will unfold in love. You will be surprised, so many doors will open, doors unanticipated, doors that will bring true change to this world but as long as you are bogged down with your own human condition, your own mental condition, you will continue to creep along in your growth, your souls will continue to receive the Divine Love but that expression of love, my beloveds, is much diminished when you hold on to these conditions which are unnecessary and are ready to be released.

Beloved souls, I put forth this challenge to you, a challenge done in love, a challenge which is a plea that you may reach a higher level of commitment and outreach to those souls who await you, to those souls who are often fearful of your acceptance and they do not feel worthy or they are troubled or they are overly sensitive to your words. Yes, there are many reasons why others pull away or are distant, and you, my beloved souls, are strong enough and wise enough to know how to overcome these barriers and to truly connect in love.

Beloved souls, I speak to you in this serious way because as time grows short, it is time for action, for love to coalesce, to truly coalesce as a people, for you are people. What sets you apart is that you know this wondrous truth and in knowing this wondrous truth you must embrace all you meet in love without fear, without fear but in strength, in strength and faith.

Beloveds, you are richly blessed. You are given a feast for the soul. God nurtures you at every turn, protects you, he answers your prayers, he gives much to each one of you.

Remember this, the more you can give to others in love the richer will become these blessings. Continue in your prayers and your efforts. Continue to reach out. To be sincere in your love and to cast away all that is a barrier to this. For God yearns for you to be free and strong and pure in His Love.

God bless you beloveds. I am Moses and I’ve come to speak to you of serious matters, important matters and I hope that you hear me in the way in which I give this which is love, which is an understanding of what you must deal with in this life but nonetheless in order to grow you must reach, your must reach for higher things, always, for the highest.

God bless you.