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Your Life Plan.

Urantia, May 11, 2016.

Message received by Lytske.


The Beloved One: “I have followed your thoughts as always and I wish to comment on your deliberations about personalities and Life plan preparation. And yes, you long ago had a vague idea that there was something you were to do in this life — like a ‘pre-cognition.’

“This idea I would like to discuss as it pertains to each human ever born and all those still to be born in all future time on all the worlds of space. You suddenly realized that the great Creator-God from time immemorial holds all mortals as spirit-seedlings, with all their prospective personalities and life plans, in his great Being.

“The Ultimate Creator of everything ever created and evolving on all the worlds in space and time also knows the circumstances in which a human being will be born at any time anywhere and He bestows their personality as they take their first breath. All personalities created and evolving repose in that Great Being and there are no duplicates, ever.

“The great mystery, as you have learned from an important reading, is that the Thought Adjusters know also about any prospective personality to be born on a certain planet at any time. Together with other High Beings they formulate those human life plans to bring with them when a child has matured enough to make an independent free-will moral decision.

“This momentous occasion takes place in the child between the ages of 4 and 6 years. Some little ones may already have a certain propensity toward something ‘they would like to do when they’re grown up.’ This can also be due to genetic inheritance.

“You realize of course that much planning and thought has gone into life plans before they are instilled in some child on the worlds of space. These life plans are so very carefully charted and projected through studying the genetics of prospective humans who may even be born generations later.

“Utmost care goes into the planning by the Gods, as they truly desire the very best for each human to be born, and who are also bestowed with the gift of free will, to decide to follow God’s Will or not. These carefully laid life plans become the possession of each human.

“Therefore, the outcome for a successful life is the responsibility of the human and depending on whether he or she is inclined to learn and follow the will of God in practicing the golden rule by doing unto others as it would like to be treated. Important and in large measure is that the human is willing to make the connection with its Thought Adjuster — the Gift from God within — as its Guide and Helper.

“Some humans discover their life plan early in life, others do so much later. However, it can be discovered at any age. The result will be a more fulfilling and satisfying life with increasing joy and soul peace with gratitude towards the Creator, who has made all this possible.”


Edited by Linda Abell.


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