Messages 2017 and 2018

A Revolution in Your World is Coming

March 15th, 2018

Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii

Received by A.F.


Greetings, beloved souls, I am Shandor. You have asked me to come to speak to you. I have been with you during your circles of Light. As you know, I do not reside upon your planet for I reside a very long distance away in another galaxy in God’s Universe.

I have come to tell you, my friends, and fellow travelers in God’s Universe, that there will come a time for the peoples of Earth to coexist in harmony together. Every civilization, and every planet that is inhabited by those creatures who possess a soul and an intelligence will progress along certain lines of development and understanding of God’s Universe so that they may learn to treat one another and to live together in harmony. Like every civilization, there are times of adjustment, times of learning, of growing and understanding that the greatest power in the universe is Love.

Where I come from, Love is the currency of our existence. Love is within everything that we do. Love is placed before any other motive and is involved in every action that happens in our world. So you see, my friends, what is happening now on your planet and those changes that are coming are in preparation for a restructuring of your civilization, a coming together of all the different races and peoples of your world in a way that will bring greater harmony, and that will pave the way for the expression of Love in your world.

We have been watching you very closely, your civilization, your world so filled with many elements, both harmonious and very inharmonious, such a hodgepodge of conditions, perspectives and expressions of all the peoples that inhabit this place. We see at this time that rather than Love, the greatest motivation in your world is fear, fear of not having enough, fear of not being accepted, fear of not being loved, looking to others in order to see yourselves more clearly.

Yet in our world our children are taught so differently. They feel such Love from the beginnings of their origins that they know themselves, they know who they are, they recognize their own unique beautiful souls. When your children begin their life in this world, they too know who they are. There is a recognition, but in time that awareness is closed off from them so that they may survive in the harshness of your world. They begin to take on characteristics and attitudes and conditions that are not in harmony with Love.

My friends, if the world is going to change you must start with the children and you must express Love to all. There are many, many worlds out there in the universe, worlds that God has created and seeded with life and souls experiencing a multitude of things, finding their own expression and identity. I must say that the majority of these worlds are in greater harmony than yours. Some are ancient civilizations while others are newer than yours in their development and progress. Yet they have come to this realization of the power of Love more readily than you. But we see that a revolution is coming, conditions that will stimulate greater awareness and awakening, that will bring you to your senses, that will bring you to a point of realization. When you work for the good of all and you work with wisdom and Love, your world benefits and all benefit from your endeavors.

I say these things to encourage you for you are beginning to awaken to these realizations. Wisdom and Light is growing within you. We can see it. We have the capacity to recognize the Light in the soul. In our world the blessing of what you call Divine Love is a part of our experience from birth and grows within us as we grow. This Light brings the natural outcomes of harmony, peace and wisdom in our civilization. We do not experience strife or ill health. We want for nothing. We have a joyful existence upon the material planes of our planet. It is truly utopia and beautiful. I wish to encourage you, my friends, that this is possible on your beautiful planet, so full of potential and possibilities, a jewel in the universe. Each of you are so rife with possibilities, potentials, abilities, and yet the current that prevails in this place works against the expression of these things of light within you. It is a struggle where there is no need for struggle, as each individual strives to express their full potential. In our world we are encouraged and nurtured and educated in such a way that every step that is taken from birth until death is a joyful awakening and expression of all that is within that soul.

I know you dream of this, my friends, a world like this, a world that is very much closer to the upper spirit spheres of this world. So not only are the angels that you know of working to help to bring this about, to eliminate these dark conditions, to eliminate the darkness in your sphere of existence, but also we from different worlds also endeavour to bring about the healing of this world, the restructuring of this world to something that is closer to harmony and Light. Closer to those things that God has laid out that function to bring about greater harmony. You see we understand these elements and as you open and come to understand the laws of creation that God has set forth in every corner of this infinite universe, then you will draw to you others from other planets who will wish to communicate with you, to establish connections that will benefit your planet greatly. But this cannot happen without a respect for life, a love for one another that ensures that what we may be able to give you in the future is not squandered and used in ways that are destructive.

You see those of you who are working in Light are laying the foundation for a very different world than what you have today. This may take time, but it will come to pass that humanity may join the ranks of all the beautiful souls in the physical universe that exist in Light, for it is God’s Intention that we are joined together, not only as brothers and sisters in your world but in all worlds to support one another, to teach and to learn, to share and to grow, bringing greater harmony and Light to this universe. So I wish to encourage you, my friends, in your endeavours, in your prayers and your efforts to enlighten others, to help awaken humanity to the possibilities that exist in your world. And yet so many are lost to this awareness. You must speak with Love, express with Love, show the way to Love, for this one key opens so much in the evolution of your species, so much. When the power of Love and the beauty and glory of Love is well understood on your planet, then many doors will open to bring you into this great family of beings, of souls in the universe.

You are being watched by we who do not exist here but are curious and wish to help in this evolution of mankind. So we join forces with those beings of Light of your planet to help bring about the revolution that I speak of, the revolution of Love, the next step that needs to be taken in your world. So, you see, you are working for generations to come. Your efforts are very important indeed to bring this crucial Truth to your brothers and sisters.

I am honoured to be able to speak to you today, to express my encouragement and the sentiments that we have to come to know, that will indeed bring greater joy and health, harmony and beauty to your world. Many are working to assist you, my friends. You are not surprised that those from other planets as well are joining forces with the beautiful spirits that exist here in the upper plains of earth existence. It is a great effort being made, for you live in very crucial times, a turning point, a place upon the road of your existence in this world. For there are two choices, one for greater darkness and one for Light. Thus the efforts of the universe, the universe of Light, are focused upon your planet to help bring about the next step in your evolution and awareness, consciousness, to awaken this world to Love.

May you be strong in your path, my friends. May you have the insight and the Love within you to help bring about this joyful revolution of the soul. The world needs you, my friends, and the world needs many more like you. Don’t give up the struggle, but carry on with clear intentions. Be strong in Light and know that God is surely with you, for God is with all those who endeavour to bring Light and live in Light.

God bless you, beloved souls. You are a beautiful Light together, a Light that does pierce into the universe and is seen. Your efforts are seen and recognized and gives hope to all those who are aware of your struggles in this world. We will continue to support you and work with you to be in greater harmony and Light. God bless you. I am Shandor, a friend to the Earth. God bless you.